Here’s my favorite sort of thing to link to on ErosBlog — a passionate and philosophical treatise on a sexual practice that will be unfamiliar to some readers. This time it’s Ryan O’Connell’s What It Feels Like To Get F*cked In The Ass:

I’m going to try to put the feeling of anal sex into words so you can get an idea of how crazysexyintense it is. First of all, anal sex cannot be an on-the-fly decision. If I’m getting fucked in the ass, I need to know way in advance so I can prepare properly. The guy needs to send me a private Facebok event invitation titled, “Ryan O’Connell gets fucked in the ass.” with a set date and time. I can then have the luxury of choosing “Attending”, “Maybe Attending” or “Not Attending.” If I choose to attend, I need to start doing some serious yoga to Sade or Enya. When that’s done, I’ll give a pep talk to my asshole and be like, “Hey babe! I know you’ve been in retirement or whatever, but you need to get ready because something’s coming to an orifice near you. Don’t hate me! You’ll like it. And don’ try any funny business tonight. I’ll be mortified if you-know-what happens!”

Thanks to Sexoteric for finding the link.

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