So yesterday I was in a crowded public place in darkest Red-State America when I saw a rural gentleman wearing a tee-shirt that said “NO MA’AM” on the front. The capital letters made me suspect an acronym, so I casually moved to observe the fellow from the back. Sure enough, on the back of the shirt was this legend:

Organization of

I figured it had to be a joke shirt, since I wasn’t in the sort of place where one might expect to find a nutbar crew of men’s rights activists. Sure enough, Google confirmed an origin in pop culture that I somehow (gosh, how?) managed to miss. It’s from the old Married With Children TV show:

In season 8, Bundy and his friends found NO MA’AM, the “National Organization of Men Against Amazonian Masterhood”. Its “political goals” are to fight the increasing power of women all over society, but the organization tends to just be a social club for several neighborhood men to bond: consume beer, indulge in pornography, bowl, visit strip clubs, watch sports, etc. However, there have been instances of actual “political activities” such as kidnapping Jerry Springer; countering a breast-feeding sit-in organized by Marcy with a Beer Belly dance-off; causing a riot over a proposed beer tax; going to Washington to appeal to Congress when Psycho Dad is canceled; and even forming a short lived misogynistic religion, whose chief theology is blaming all the world’s problems on Eve, making it more of a sect than a proper religion.”

After the encounter, I was left wondering if the guy wearing the shirt has any notion that there are in this world men who so actively yearn for “Amazonian masterhood” that they will pay big bucks to experience it, in 50-minute sessions…

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