I’m a sucker for these “porn model describes the shoot” stories. Partly it’s the “informed porn consumer” angle that I’ve writing about for years, but mostly it’s just the “behind the scenes” glimpse at an industry of interest. So, here’s another one: Rain DeGrey writing about her very first shoot for Kink.com. (ElectroSex Blog, where I got the link, says it was this shoot.)

Rain DeGrey in bondage during her very first photoshoot for Kink.com back in 2008

On the day I was booked to shoot I woke up early, mostly because I was too worked up to sleep properly. I felt like a kid on Christmas morning eagerly awaiting their chance to tear open all their presents in a frenzy of wrapping paper. Despite all the years I have now been doing modeling, I never ended up getting jaded. I still get that “nervous/excited/fluttery” feeling to this very day. Getting completely naked and vulnerable and cumming for the whole world to see and judge is a unique experience that you will never be able to grasp until you have tried it yourself.

Kink.com is located in an actual CASTLE, stretching a quarter of a block, 4 stories high and over a hundred rooms with a small river running through the basement level. It is like no other place in the world. The set department are constantly building and taking down sets so that rooms seem to shift, springing up and then vanishing overnight. Rope and floggers and shackles and ridiculously hot half naked people are everywhere as far as the eye can see. It is a kinky playground of the highest possible level.

I checked in with the talent department and filled out a check list of the activities I was willing to do with the Princess. I don’t think I checked a single “no” box on the list. You don’t say no to Princess Donna. Whatever she wanted to do to me, I was down. After being processed through the makeup and wardrobe departments I was ready to shoot. A friendly-faced PA showed up to take me down to the set where we were filming. I followed her, clad in a tiny white skirt and wearing the most makeup I had ever worn in my entire life.

The room was warm, verging on hot due to the giant lights set up everywhere that mercilessly chased away all shadows. Filming under bright lights on HD cameras gives you nowhere to hide and you can’t get away with skipping on shaving. I was sweating and we hadn’t even started yet…

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