Here at ErosBlog I’ve got a long tradition of linking to models who describe what it’s like to shoot porn for and with various (typically controversial) pornographers. I think it’s inherently interesting, because performing in porn is one of those activities the reality of which tends to be very different from people’s preconceived notions; and, I think it’s worthy, because knowing something about how your porn is made is the most effective prophylaxis against consuming unethical porn, as I first discussed in my 2005 post Evil Porn Werewolf Enslavers Debunked.

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Today’s entry in the series consists of this fascinating interview at Conflicted EXXistence with May Ling Su about her positive experience shooting with the infamous Max Hardcore (aka Prisoner #44902-112):

ML: What I’m super curious about in this interview is your work a few years ago with the now-infamous, now-incarcerated-for-distributing-“obscenity” Max Hardcore. You must have trusted him a lot, since you shot with him the same day you met him, at AVN. Can you tell us how that came about?

MLS: I’d seen some of Max Hardcore’s porn before I met him in person. My husband had some and I thought it was outrageous. Never seen anything like it. Watching it made me nervous, and honestly it turned me on. So when I saw him at AVN I recognized him and chatted him up. My husband was with me, so I was partly showing off in front of him. I just blurted out, “Are you looking for talent?” Max said he wasn’t sure, he’ll see if he can rustle up a crew. A few minutes later we were shooting an intro. Then we made arrangements to meet up after the expo to do the shoot at his hotel room.

ML: Max is notorious for his extreme on-screen antics and persona, but from what I’ve heard, he’s actually a very nice person when the cameras aren’t rolling. Can you tell me about what he’s like behind the scenes?

MLS: What I noticed immediately while we were talking at the expo was how well-mannered Max Hardcore was. He’s got this old-fashioned gentleman vibe that I liked. Then as we were going up to his hotel room I got the feeling he was testing me. He said things like, “Well, when you play with snakes, you have to expect to get bitten.” So I wondered if he was trying to talk me out of it.

Before our shoot, he showed me his website. He read the text on his website out loud, as if he himself was amused at how outrageous it was. It was all very funny to him, and I found if difficult to take it seriously.

We talked about his routine. Do I do anal? Can I throat fuck? What do I think of golden showers? I told him I was curious about golden showers, but I’ve never been on the receiving end of it. I also told him I wasn’t into any vomiting or using a speculum. And you know what, he kept to my limits. I respect that.

ML: Tell me about your experience at the shoot. What happened? Was it fun?

MLS: Yes! I had a great time. Like I said earlier, he kept to my limits. I was vague about the golden showers. I told him I was curious but never tried it. But we didn’t pre-arrange whether we were going to do it or not. He surprised me. It was a great ride!

There’s quite a bit more, but it would be unfair to quote the whole thing; you can read the rest here.

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