One small part of the greater cultural war over sexual freedoms has always involved porn and the many attempts to control or suppress it by legislation. Being a resident of the United States, I tend to pay scant attention to legislative outrages against porn (or, as I might prefer to put it, outrages against the freedom of sexual speech) that happen in other jurisdictions. We porn-positive, pro-free-speech people have got enough legal troubles of our own right here at home, without obsessing about the changing rules in even-more-repressive jurisdictions.

But scant attention does not mean no attention. And thus I’ve been peripherally aware for awhile now that in the United Kingdom, which has long been pretty whiffy about heavy kink in its porn, there’s a currently-ascendent series of efforts to make some kinky porn even more illegal than it already is. I’m not really qualified to comprehend or discuss the politics of another nation, but Molly lives there, and she’s written a lengthy post about their latest scheme to criminalize “rape porn” — whatever the hell that might be.

She introduces it by talking about her rape fantasies:

I confess that I have a rape fantasy.

In fact I have more than one. They all differ slightly, there is darkened rooms, shadowy faces, slow exposure, examination and then a calm but purposeful deflowering. Other times it is one person, gloved hands over my face, manhandling, knives, whispered threats to behave or else, a lifting of my skirt, an unzipping of his fly…. just writing those few random words is making me wet. These fantasies change, little parts of them become hotter to me than others, sometimes I will daydream a whole one through and other times I just replay little snippets in a loop in my head. Weeks or months will go by without me giving them a thought, at other times they will crowd my horny dark little brain for hours on end.

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