The highly-recommended Twitter account Whores Of Yore recently posted a version of this vintage photograph:

two ruffians inserting a long stick or tube in a woman's butt

I had seen it before, and always assumed it was an early pornographic effort to imply or perhaps to simulate an anal sodomy scene with a “foreign object”. I quite like the shirts and sideburns of our dastardly duo, but otherwise the photo just seemed an ancient oddity.

Whores of Yore then published a version of this additional photo from the same photoset, which puts a whole new light on the proceedings and the foreign object. Is Captain Sideburns blowing something up her ass?

ruffian is blowing into a wooden tube that's inserted in a woman's anus

All of which stimulated a quick search for additional photos that might shed light on the activities in the scene. Sadly, I found just one more photo, which I am parsing as coming prior in time to the other two, unless Captain Undershirt paused mid-scene to put clothing back on:

two men forcibly spreading a woman's legs

If y’all know of more photos from this sequence, please share!

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