Some time ago an Internet Archive engineer tweeted two photos of a palm leaf book edition of the Kama Sutra at the Internet Archive, from which I have abstracted the following details:

kama sutra palm leaf sex book

india sex book on palm leaves

It is unclear to me whether the palm leaf Kama Sutra has yet been scanned and added to the Internet Archive’s digital collection; it’s not popping up in the most obvious search, but I’m well aware that (a) searching the Archive is not for amateurs; (b) quite deliberately, the Archive focuses on data acquisition and preservation first and data visibility (search tools) second, because data is always vanishing at Library-of-Alexandria-on-fire rates while search can always be improved later; and (c) as part of (b), the Archive takes in physical objects all the time that they don’t immediately digitize because of budget and resource constraints. So whenever there’s something you suspect the Internet Archive has, but you can’t find it or get to it, the twin answers are “chill and wait” and “give them money.”

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