Since the earliest days of this blog, I have been reticent with the word “whore”. It has its uses, it is not always a slur, but my general sentiment has been that decent men don’t use it much: never in anger or derision, and only at all when the word itself is part of what the conversation is about, as when a sex worker uses it deliberately or provocatively in public discussion.

My experience is that if you hear “whore” uttered easily from a male mouth, that dude will turn out to be a misogynist, or at least somebody who is deeply troubled about the power of women’s sexuality.

Meet this perfectly pleasant nude beach exhibitionist. She’s been circulating on the internet since at least 2013. Some sources call her Andrea, and say she’s in the Seychelles. I can’t confirm that. But she’s a pretty lady on a nice beach, clearly having a good time.

audrey in the seychelles naked on a public beach showing off her stuff and having a good time

Somewhere on the internet, there’s a dude who saw her and thought “I want to mark her as a whore.” And then, he just went and did it, through the power of Photoshop:

audrey photoshopped with a whore tattoo

Folks, I can’t prove it. But I would happily place large bets on what I am about to say. That dude? He’s one of the guys who fear women and hate the very idea of their sexual power. Avoid!

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