Sometimes when I come across vintage erotic art without any context, I make up my own. When I saw this spanking illustration, I decided that we were looking at two married couples. Perhaps, I thought, the wives were under the impression that this was to be a simple evening of cards and wine and socializing. But the men had a different agenda. The bill has now come due for unspecified wife shenanigans!

two men spanking their wives with skirts pulled up and split bloomers open

When I went looking for the best available version of the artwork, I discovered a full citation and a caption for the illustration. It comes from a book called Au Rouge Vif, published in Paris in 1909, and the caption reads “Les deux hommes s’excitaient à ce jeu nouveau” which Google turns into “the two men were excited about this new game.” Possibly I was not so very far from the mark with my scenario!

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