Here’s something that a reader recently mentioned to me as an example of the sort of conversation over time (covering most of a century, if you squint at it just so) that may be unique to the blogging world. Way back in 2003 Spanking Blog posted a lighthearted cover from a pre-WWII pulp magazine, featuring a comic-book style image of a woman rubbing her sore bottom and the story title Should Wives Be Spanked? Men Always Ask.

wife spanking in the 1920s

And that was that … until 2007. The post must have gotten some search engine love at that point, because ever since then, it’s been ever-so-slowly accumulating comments, more than thirty of them over five years. And the comments, almost unanimously, are from people who want to answer the question, as if it were utterly serious. And, no surprise given the context, when it comes to the question of wife spanking, most of the people in that particular slow conversation are for it.

It’s an interesting example of that phenomenon Dr. Faustus likes to talk about, where the internet facilitates discovery and exchange between like-minded people with minority interests.

The last thing I want to do is derail a conversation that’s been ongoing since 2003 (or 1925) so if you feel the urge to participate, please do it there. You already know my own answer: “Only if they ask very nicely…”

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