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October 18th, 2021 -- by Bacchus

Fetish Fuel: Cellophane?

I’ve been using the term “fetish fuel” since at least 2010, but I didn’t make it up. I heard it from Dr. Faustus but he doesn’t claim it; he credits the TV Tropes site, where (prior to them having a sweeping and bloodily-destructive #Pornocalypse moment back in October of 2010) they defined fetish fuel as anything having an unambiguous sexual subtext that’s not explicitly sexual or pornographic. In that era the TV Tropes fetish fuel entry offered dozens of examples, ranging from the Little Mermaid’s seashell bikini to the outfits worn by the notoriously-lovely women who help and assist stage magicians and assorted vaudevillians. More recent entries (but still pre-pornocalypse) offered a more well-honed fetish fuel definition, while shunting off the examples to a different (and also pornocalypse-doomed) Turn On Tropes entry:

In a nutshell, Fetish Fuel is when something in a work isn’t explicit nudity, sexual activity, or something else pornographic, but still causes sexual arousal in the viewer. Usually the cause is that this sets off something sexual for a viewer, particularly a Fetish a viewer has, hence the name. But unlike Nightmare Fuel, this can be intentional just as often as not. See Fanservice and Author Appeal; and see Turn On Tropes for a list of tropes that are often fetish fuel.

All of which is a long-winded way to explain my astonishment at seeing cellophane pop up in a clearly-intended-as-fetish-fuel way in a 1960s men’s magazine. The February 1961 issue of Ace, to be precise:

nude posing draped with huge sheets of cellophane

To my personal sensibilities, cellophane is fairly unsexy stuff; it crinkles and is noisy and unpleasant to handle. But the fetish imagination wants what it wants, and if this photographer didn’t have a cellophane fetish, he or his editors must have been pocketing sponsored-placement fees from DuPont.

Photo above is part of a full two-page spread, which identifies the lovely model as Clara Barrie:

cellophane as fetish fuel nude photo shoot

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September 13th, 2012 -- by Bacchus

Fetish Fuel, Cosplay Edition

When this went by on The Big Bang Theory my instant thought was “Fetish fuel for more people than Sheldon!”

Mayim Bialik as Amy Farrah Fowler in her Star Trek starfleet uniform as she attempts to harvest Sheldon by providing him with perfectly-tailored fetish fuel

And then I promptly forgot about it, instead of hunting down a still online and blogging about it. But thanks to the Miracle of Tumblr, somebody else did it for me, with the following commentary:

Damn straight you would. And it would be amazing, educational (for both of you) and after she poured close to 30 years of sexual frustration out on you, used you as a stunt dick for 3 days of unbridled, kinky, cosplay passion — she’d give you a quick nod, hand you a written analysis and show you to the door.

Speaking of which, did anybody see the recent episode of Collection Intervention, the one about the guy with the secretive Catwoman collection and fetish? Did anybody notice that his cute wife would have made an awesome Catwoman, and speculate (as I did) that it’s probably why he fell for her in the first place? If she only knew and was willing to play along (sadly there was no hint in the show that he’d ever even tried to get her into a costume, not even on Halloween) she would absolutely own him.

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January 31st, 2011 -- by Dr. Faustus

Magic Christian Fetish Fuel

The Magic Christian (1969) can’t be said to be a particularly good movie by any stretch of the imagination. It would seem to have a great deal of promise, having been based on a novel by Terry Southern and having brought together a remarkable amount of comedic talent. It has an interesting premise — a very bored, misanthropic billionaire named Sir Guy Grand adopts a young derelict to be his son, and together they go about using Sir Guy’s money to pay people to humiliate themselves in various ways. (“The Magic Christian,” by the way, is a supposed ship, not a person, created by Sir Guy as one of his more elaborate pranks.) In practice, the movie is something of a mess. But I can still think of audiences for it, to wit:

(1) People who want to see what is arguably the high point of Ringo Starr‘s film career, at least in movies not featuring the other Beatles. (Oh, c’mon. There must be at least some of you out there in Internetland.)

(2) British absurdist comedy fans, since this film represents a bridge of sort between comic generations. For the earlier generation, Goon Show mainstay Peter Sellers plays a principle part, and Goon Show principal and writer Spike Milligan has a cameo, and if you pay close attention, you’ll notice that occasional Goon Show guest John Snagge can be heard in a voiceover. For the rising new generation, Monty Python members John Cleese and Graham Chapman contributed material and appear in bit parts of their own.

(3) Those of us who want Fetish Fuel! There’s tons, and that’s why I’m writing this up for ErosBlog. I can’t possibly pick out everybody’s possible favorites, but I’ll focus on two.

First, can you really say you’ve lived if you haven’t seen Hamlet’s soliloquy done as a striptease?

hamlet done as a striptease

Second, the “engine room” of The Magic Christian turns out to be a mock-up of the rowing deck of an oared galley, complete with galley slaves. Topless female galley slaves…

nude chained female galley slaves

…presided over by Raquel Welch.

raquel welch in charge of the nude galley slaves

Note that she did not forget the whip.

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January 18th, 2011 -- by Bacchus

Fetish Fuel and Restrained Perversion

For a picture in which nothing less innocent than an ankle measurement is taking place, I feel like there’s an awful lot of fetish fuel and barely-repressed perversion going on here:

man kneels to measure the ankle of a great lady while another man watches impatiently, cane in hand

This is from my file of vintage postcard scans, so unless somebody can recognize that scribbled signature, I’m totally without a provenance to provide for this artwork.

December 12th, 2010 -- by Bacchus

More Vintage Fetish Fuel

Sure a vintage photograph like this will be fetish fuel for somebody. And if not, at least it’s proof that people have been doing, and taking pictures of, some kinky shit, for a long time. What we have here is the cropped version of a photo from the 1930s featuring a woman in a skin-tight latex outfit from which the nipple area has been removed:

1930s boobless latex outfit

If you click for the uncropped version, of course she’s wearing high heels, too.

Was it originally supposed to be art, or porn? I have no idea.

Update: Possibly a photo of Yva Richards.

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January 18th, 2010 -- by Bacchus

Fetish Fuel In Life Magazine, 1939

Bondage Blog has a great piece this morning featuring a pretty girl being shrink wrapped, in a latex balloon. In 1939. By a meat packing company. In the pages of Life magazine, in front of God and everybody and your prissy great-aunt Beatrix.

latex bondage girl 1939

Granted, treating girls like meat was probably uncontroversial back in 1939. But what fascinates me is the fetish fuel question. In 2010, this is fetish fuel of the highest octane. Bondage Blog rattled off six or seven fetishes it touches on, and I could add several more without a strain. (Lingerie, breath control…) But was it obvious fetish fuel then? Was this a bit of clever marketing by kinky bastards who knew how to get a press release covered by Life, which in turn knew that it could publish the kinkiest shit in front of Aunt Beatrix and everybody just by playing dumb and keeping a straight face?

Or was it, in all innocence, the “gosh-gee-whiz this is how you’ll be getting your beef” celebration of marching technology it presents itself as? Were people really that innocent in 1939? I find that very hard to believe.

Complicating all this is the fact that fetishes evolve over time, and I’m not aware of anybody who has tracked those evolutions in any rigorous way. When did rubber even become a fetish material? (I know it was well established as such by the time John Willie started publishing his Bizarre magazine in the late 1940s.)

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March 8th, 2024 -- by Bacchus

Vintage Catfight Between Two Blondes

The cigar-smoking men in New York City basements who flirted with legal disaster by selling kinky photos via back-page ads in pulp magazines back in the 1950s truly knew how to combine a variety of fetish fuels while still somehow keeping their models fully covered. And that’s how we got two blondes in fancy lingerie having a hair-pulling cat fight:

Klaw style vintage cat-fight photo starring two blonde women in vintage lingerie

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