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January 3rd, 2024 -- by Bacchus

Double Anal

It’s no crime to want your lovers to be sexually ambitious and comfortable with one another. But as always, it may be wise to be careful what you wish for:

double anal illustration

Artwork is by Ferres, via Kinky Delight, and comes from a Dofantasy comic.

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September 19th, 2018 -- by Bacchus

Tentacle Sex Transcendence

Transcendence through tentacle sex. It was never going to be a picnic. When is it ever? And indeed, in the science fiction dystopia that is the universe of The Proto Part 2 (drawn by Ferres for Dofantasy), there are rarely any picnics for woman-shaped bio-droids. But this transcendence seems to be going particularly badly:

tentacle transcendence is going to hurt a lot

tentacle sex going badly for her

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September 3rd, 2018 -- by Bacchus

The Hand-Puppet Speaks

She claims she’s not a hand puppet, but really, I’m not sure anybody is convinced. Least of all the gentleman (only, he’s no gentleman, because this is a Dofantasy comic) with his arm up her butt halfway to his elbow:

I'm not a hand puppet

hand up her ass anal fisting

Panels are from The Proto 2 by Ferres.

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December 26th, 2016 -- by Bacchus

Bring Out The Stripping Batons!

It’s possible that I may be part Ferengi. When I saw these panels in the perverted scifi sex comic The Proto, my very first thought was “A stinging wand that eats clothing? Wow, if those were real they’d sell really well…”

+5 painful wand of stripping

“Don’t worry. These devices are only tuned to disrupt the molecular bonds of synthetic material. But they do offer a nasty sting…”

Artist is Ferres, drawing for Dofantasy.

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November 12th, 2012 -- by Bacchus

The Cleaning Of The Queen

Queens and commoners alike need a good brushing out before being delivered to the king’s chamber, apparently. At least, they do if the king commands that they do:

young queen is forcibly scrubbed for the king

a stiff anus brush to make the queen clean and sweet for the king\'s debauchery

rogering the queen with a stiff scrub brush in her tender anus to make her ready for the forced butt sex

more vigorous bush cleansing for the queen and her stinky bits -- the king wants her clean for the anal sex

ass to mouth humiliation for the queen being force-washed by her hostile servant girls

Apparently it’s also prudent to be kind to your serving ladies, too, lest they re-use the ass-brush a little too freely!

Panels are from the Dofantasy comic The Steel Trap Maiden, drawn by Ferres.

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