The shooting conditions and model treatment during the production of kinky porn has been a recurrent topic of discussion here at Eros Blog. From severe European caning videos (here and here) to purest San Francisco kink (here and here), what it’s like to be the “done unto” model is always interesting to hear about.

Thus I viewed with fascination a cautionary video published by last month about an Everything Butt shoot that featured a ginger figging. The ginger plug vanished up the model’s butt ( says they may have carved it wrong) and we get to see how they handled it, with narration by the model.

how to carve a ginger fig

It’s all very calm and professional, although the visuals may raise your hair — at one point in the video, they’ve got a huge metal anal-retractor device in her bottom and it put me in mind of that immortal lyric from the end of Big Bad John by Jimmy Dean:

“With jacks and timbers they started back down,
Then came a rumble, way down in the ground.
Smoke and gas belched out of that mine
and everybody knew it was the end of the line
for Big John.”

Fig-carving art is from the blog post about the incident, which also has a lot of details from the video.

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