Everybody in the sex blogging and porn worlds has been coping with Google’s bizarre double standards for quite a while — the weirdly bigoted and anti-sex list of stop words and filter words that they use to partially disable portions of their various search services, even when you’ve set your search preferences to disable filtering. Meanwhile, of course, they seem to apply no similar filters to the realms of drugs, war, violence, bloodshed, mayhem, or serial killers. That’s all cool.

Naw, I’m not bitter.

Well, just in the last few days they added a couple of software companies to a couple of their filter lists. Distributed file sharing is now, like sex, a burdened classification when it comes to Google searches. Kidnapping and making bombs, though? Still good!

google is deliberate broken

The graphics above are ruthlessly ganked from a large and well-presented infographic at this link:

Google Censoring Torrent Search Suggestions: 7 Terrible Things They Don’t Censor

And now, I’m going to slide out with a little favorite of my own: Jeffery Dahmer versus Violet Blue. Take it away, cannibal king!

Yup, still broken

I don’t care how deliberate it is, when you look at a search like that, you’ve got to conclude that Google is broken.

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