If you’ve spent much time at all on the kinky web, you’ve seen the Violet Wand in use — a early-20th-century quack medical device that gets more action these days as a kinky sex toy. (Even here on ErosBlog!) However, even the modernly-manufactured versions seem to be based on ancient designs — they’re large and clunky and very expensive.

Thus was I amused and entertained to learn of the new Neon Wand. It’s the 21st century glowing-glass-electrode sex-toy device, with solid state electronics, a lighter-weight wand, and your choice of different glow-colors. Better yet, at $150, it’s a tiny fraction of the cost of the traditional wand kits:

neon wand electrosex toy

Obviously I haven’t played with these new Neon Wand devices, but I have been “zapped” with a traditional violet wand and I can understand why people made sex toys out of them. The glass electrodes glow, and if you put a finger (or whatever) near them, an arc will flow that pulses and buzzes, as electricity will. The intensity is variable; it can be painful if you want it to be, but it’s usually just a sharp, strong, unique sensation. The combination of something that is visually stunning, sensationally intense, and just a little bit frightening? Instant sex toy.

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