I have in my hand a curious book called The Stimulators: Swinging Set’s Newest Rage, by Roger Blake, Ph.D. Published in 1968 by Century Books (CB 052), it has semi-abstract cover art medallions (groovy!) and purports to reveal “how sex gadgets of every type are now being peddled openly…and how they are used!”

The Stimulators

Psuedo-interviews and “case studies” with anonymized interviewees about taboo sexual topics are a sexual literary genre in their own right, and it’s often imprudent to mistake them for non-fiction. But even a suspected fiction can shed light on historical views and attitudes. In that spirit, I offer this brief anecdote from one “Jim”, described as “an interviewee who volunteered to give information for my research” and as “a fifty-one year old sales who has patronized the better class of professional prostitutes in cities of the South, Southwest, and East Coast for more than 30 years.” So the first anecdote in this account would date from approximately 1938, with the second one presumably later:

The first time I saw one of these [vibrator massagers] I was about twenty-one or so. In Dallas, when I went down to Ma’s the first time and took a client to get some girls. They were Mexicans. And you talk about some beautiful Mexican girls, they were outstanding! Eighteen, nineteen years old and great! We had three of them up in the room, and this one pulls off her blouse and digs out this thing like a barber uses. She went to town on her breasts. She went nuts! Man, they were jumping up and down. The other girls were jumping up and down. They got in a fight to get that vibrator, and the little gal on the left, soon as she got it, she pushed it right in that black forest and it was bzzzzing it up great!

The senoritas were putting on a show. Maybe they were getting their rocks off, maybe not. I think about every other whore I ever had, had a vibrator of some kind. The New York whores are the experts, the real pros with a vibro. They pull the things out of the drawer to the night table like it was as natural as screwing. They know you want a little something extra.

I’ll tell you about Dina Rae, the one I went back to three times, she was so great. Stacked like a brick outhouse with 38Cs for boobs. She straddled me about the chest so her black forest parted to show the crater of that hot volcano. The boobs were dragging my belly. So she puts the vibro to work on my legs and comes up to my rod and it goes right up … up, up, up.

Dina Rae had this gimmick that she was famous for. She lifts up a little bit and puts the vibrator to work along the bottom side of the rod, all up and down the shaft real easy. There’s a rhythm to it finally. She goes down to the base, then starts up slow. I just about come and she pulls it away and starts at the base again. After about three times, I know I’m gonna go off the next one. This final time, she starts up the shaft, then goes back to the base and keeps it bzz-zzing there while she runs her finger all the way up to that big vein on the bottom.

When it shoots off, it’s like a geyser or a volcano erupting. She keeps her mouth about an inch or two away, and she catches about two of the shots and swallows them. The rest of it goes flying all over the boobs and everyplace. So she sits up then and acts sexy rubbing it around her boobs and then working the vibrator all around her boobs until her great big fat nipples are sticking out like two hard nuts.

If you’re still in the mood, she works it down to her twat to get her jollies. She does it sometimes even if you’re not in the mood, all of which leads me to believe that Dina Rae is sincere and does get her jollies that way, and it’s no act.

The Mexican gals were all show. They acted it out, and they’d break up laughing sometimes. It was sexy for the customers, but I think it was a big game for them. Ever since that time way back when, I’ve been hooked on the things. Every pro I’m with, I ask if she’s got a vibro, and I can tell you I think I could count the ones on the fingers of one hand who said they didn’t.

I’m so taken by the groovy cover art medallions, I’ve got to include a higher-res view of them, as found on the back cover of the book (click for larger):

groovy sex toy medallions

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