Item: multi-centi-millionaire. Item: horse-crazed wife with a love of horsey rituals and gear (dressage). Item: “unemployed” by his own characterization, so plenty of time to play. Item: Lots of real estate, so plenty of private space to play in. Item: pony-boy gear in possession.

Wait, what?

It’s true. According to the Washington Post:

Her son Josh told another New York Times reporter in 2007 that he had given his dad a rubber horse mask so that if he wore it, “maybe Mom will pay as much attention to you as she does to the horses.”

Maybe she would!

And now you’ll never be able to look at him on TV again without imagining him staggering along a forest track somewhere wearing a saddle, his wife in full dressage kit, a horse mask, and about thirty riding crop welts. And nothing else. Well, nothing else except for the sweat. And I imagine he’d maybe have him some fancy $10,000 custom-cobbled hoofy boots from some toney bespoke fetish cobbler in London.

Motive, means, opportunity. The Romneys, they has them all.

When asked about this story a representative of Dogs Against Romney said “If it’s true, I hope he suffers as much as poor terrified Shamus did. But I doubt it — because Ann Romney at least has a horse trailer, so her pets don’t have to ride on the roof.”

(I totally just made that quote entirely up.)

Thanks ever so much to Femdom Resource for spotting this. Rather less thanks, I think, for the resulting mental imagery…

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