OK, memory quiz time. Who here is left in the sex blogging community who remembers back in 2003 when the entire mainstream press and much of the blogosphere went into a meltdown shit-frenzy over a clever viral marketing campaign for a softporn video called Hunting For Bambi? Women running around naked in the desert being shot at with paint-ball guns, and the viral hook was to present it, falsely, as if it were an ongoing misogynistic “sport” that men could go and pay to participate in, rather than as the one-off staged fetish event with paid performers (to make the porny video) that it actually appears to have been. Pretty much everybody took the bait, the hook, the line, and the sinker. (Yeah, me too. I was still a noob.)

Of course the marketing for the video was also deliberately and painfully misogynistic. “Men Hunting Naked Women. It’s About Fuck’n Time!” was just one of the slogans. And so, inevitably, there was much clucking and much waggling the Public Finger of Disapproval.

Times change. Time marches on. We (slowly) get over ourselves. These days, if you try to do the same kind of girl-hunting thing as pure porn, with bunny girls pretending to be scared and female “hunters” with fake guns, you’ll be lucky if anybody even notices. Just ask Action Girls, because they did it:

totally buck-naked bunny girls about to be hunted

sexy topless bunny girls scatter in badly-acted mock fear before the hunt begins

naked bunny girls running for the bushes

nude bunny girls head for the trees as fast as their legs will carry them as the huntress lowers her weapon and prepares to shoot

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