I suppose there’s no way to scale this sort of thing into genuine comprehensive sex education for everybody in America, but I think that’s rather a pity. Here’s Rain DeGrey on spreading the knowledge:

I was quite surprised when a 17 year old girl called Kaylie from Pennsylvania tweeted at me saying she was a huge fan of my work. Kaylie seemed quite friendly, but she was 17! How could she of even heard of me? My goodness. Kids these days. I told her I would be unable to talk to her until she turned 18, which she understood and respected. On her 18th birthday, Kaylie tweeted at me to let me know she was now legal to talk to, and we started up a friendly correspondence. I turned her onto Fetlife, and even her mother started following me on twitter. How cool is that? A mother AND her daughter following a BDSM kinkster on twitter?

And then one day Kaylie contacted me saying she had a situation and she wanted to know if I could help her. As it tuned out, her “situation” was that she was planning on trying anal sex for the 1st time, and she was wondering if I had any advice.

Well. Ask me about anal and be prepared to have your ear talked off. Enemas, cleaning, lube, prep and stretching… there are a lot of factors to consider. I got Kaylie’s number, called her up, and gave her a phone version of my anal play class, and then sent her off to have butt sex for the 1st time with strict instructions to let me know how it went. She texted me the next day to tell me everything worked perfectly. Awwww!! That was my girl, making me proud.

I never thought because of porn I would be calling up 18 year old girls in Pennsylvania and teaching them how to have successful first time butt sex, but that is the power of the internet for you… you gotta love it. I still check in on her now and then, I feel rather protective of this girl I have never met. She has turned into a bit of an anal expert, and I am happy to of been a part of that.

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