kink university

Last week’s fifty-four minute sex tutorial video from Kink University covers two topics that can (and were!) but do not have to be related: deep kissing, and sex in the bathtub.

kink university deep kissing

The lesson, described:

Learn how to spice up your make-out skills with proven tips and techniques that will make you an unforgettable kisser! Plus, discover the joy of sex in the bathtub. Mickey Mod and Juliette March share their porn star secrets for engaging in hot, wet, and wild fucking in the bathroom.

kink university bathtub sex

Given that my own experience of sex in even the fanciest of bathrooms is that there’s a dearth of non-slippery places to plant your hands and feet for safety, security, and leverage, I was pleased to see that the “Sex In The Shower” suction-cup sex handle got a favorable demonstration:

suction cup handle for slippery bathtub sex

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