Veronica Dieman soapy shower scene

Some time in early 1984, the famously-busty black porn model and actress Veronica Diemen took a shower. She invited the photographers from Players Girls Pictorial to photograph her for their July 1984 issue. They diligently captured her legendary assets as she soaped up her tits and ass:

busty ebony/black model Veronica Diemen washes her ass for a magazine shoot shower scene

In truth this bottom-washing shot reminds me of a much more vintage post from 2008. Rub-a-dub-dub, two buns and a scrub!

Now we are led to wonder whether Veronica was hungry. Because, it turns out, she took a huge bundle of grapes into the shower along with her bar of soap. An obvious choice! After scrubbing herself vigorously (to get rid of the soap, sure) she moved on to the picnic part of the shower scene:

Veronica Diemen nude soapy shower scene eating grapes

But why eat grapes in the shower? A mango, now, that’s just sensible. I could understand that. No mess, no fuss, all that sticky sweet juice just washes away. But grapes?

It’s all about the art, my friend. She knew, I speculate, precisely what it did to the male observer when she raised her arms above her head like that. It was a strategem, I say. A scheme to justify uplifting those famous Veronica Diemen breasts of hers for the camera lense. But however artful it was, I don’t find that I mind so very much:

Veronica Diemen naked in shower eating grapes and lifting her breasts for the camera

Sadly I can’t find much biographical information for Veronica Diemen. As an “ebony” model with big tits she got a lot of work in the second half of the 1970s, but not much is on the web about her life. Only one thing is certain: she appeared in a great many porn magazines. The following list is surely very partial: Playmen (Italy), Pechos Grandes (Spain), Players, Players Girls, Players Girls Pictorial, Mayfair, Club International, Rits (Holland), Gem, Gents, and Queen Size. She made movies, too, appearing in an 8mm Harrison Marks film called Tailor Made, a sex comedy called Keep It Up Jack (as Veronica Pieters), uncredited in The Girl From Starship Venus, and in at least one Color Climax loop.

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