I thought I was so damned clever.

I was trying to fix a busted Tumblr link in a post from 2010. First I checked the Wayback Machine, but it only had two crawl snapshots and both of them were broken. (They were empty redirects from some point when Tumblr was jerking web crawlers around.)

Then I had a bright idea. Hey! Isn’t this one of the Tumblrs I backed up myself using HTTRack? I checked, and it was. Glory! I should have that post saved right here, on my very own hard drive. I can’t fix the link with that, but I could snag the content and rewrite my own post to quote it, replacing the dead link that way. Yay.

Like I said, I thought I was so damned clever. It took some rummaging to find that post on my hard drive, but finally I was in the correct subdirectory. Bing! There was the .html. Bam! There’s a media file. Boom! I win…

Boom. I do not win. Pornocalypse. Fuck:

professor pornocalypse: this image has been removed for violating one or more of Tumblr's community guidelines

A long time ago, before Tumblr just started deleting whole porn blogs, their moderators would sometimes replace an image with this lecturing Tumblr-mascot. This was years ago. But some time between when I built the link in 2010 and when the entire Tumblr in question got blown away by the recent sweeping #pornocalypse, apparently this one post fell afoul of… well, we’ll never know, now.

There was a time when I could have worked though the Tumblr notes archived with my missing post, looking for sites that reblogged it, and trying those reblogs one-by-one in the WayBack Machine until I found one that got archived before the mishap that got the image replaced by Professor Guidelines. That’s the kind of obsessive research I do, sometimes. And I tried it, but no joy. It’s all broken parts and missing pieces now. There’ not enough left anywhere to piece anything together. Every site that ever reblogged that post is gone now, or locked up tight inside Tumblr’s “sensitive materials” gulag. And none of them ever got archived; none are in the WayBack Machine.

Yeah. It’s just a broken link, Bacchus. Let it go. Yeah, no, I know. I don’t have any other choice, do I?

Pornocalypse. Fuck!

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