How’s your 4th of July picnic going this afternoon? Because everybody at this one is having a gay old time!

naked very buff gay man grinning with an American flag clenched between his teeth

Photo is from BJ’s 2023 patriotic greetings. See also this year’s!

Query: Did you notice the telltale teardrop-shaped discoloration on this photo? (Hint: from his navel, below and to the left.) And are you old enough to recognize what it is?

If not, I’ll tell you. That translucent whitish discoloration is most likely the spot where this page in the porn magazine got stuck to the previous page after somebody jerked it (carelessly) and splattered a smear of jizz on the page before putting the magazine away. Back in the day, porn magazines (especially transgressive ones) could be expensive and hard to find. It wasn’t at all rare to find trace indications that someone else had previously appreciated them.