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May 9th, 2024 -- by Bacchus

Nude In The Photo Booth

For as long as the coin-operated photo booth has existed, there have been young men and women taking foolish risks to get salacious photographs of themselves:

vintage cartoon of a fully nude young woman taking a selfie in an old-fashioned coin-operated public photo booth

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May 8th, 2024 -- by Bacchus

Scenic Blowjob

What better way to spend a golden summer evening than a drive out into the countryside with the top down, followed by a blowjob as the sun starts to set?

open air summer evening blowjob

From Frivol #83.

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May 7th, 2024 -- by Bacchus

Her Enthusiastic Man

I’ve heard it said (as relationship advice) that you need to find someone who will match your energy. But I think you need a “yes, and” kind of person who can be trusted to escalate your energy in all the right ways:

Video is by PaleSeaFoam, who writes “It’s that easy to make your man smile.”

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May 6th, 2024 -- by Bacchus

Monster Fucker Monday #8

Sometimes I think “not being very fussy about the creatures you summon because you are a young sorceress who is greedy for power” is one of the gateway drugs that leads a woman down the treacherous path of monster fucking:

woman fucks a glowing-eyed demon that she appears to have just summoned via an arcane ritual

Artwork is by Meno Ziriath.

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May 4th, 2024 -- by Bacchus

Moment Of Joy #11

Today’s moment of joy:

The most joyous thing I’ve seen today is the sexually frustrated romance novel protagonist who keeps carefully organized and well-hidden folders full of photos of fancily-decorated room interiors on her laptop as her preferred masturbation fodder. Her self-justification: “I am an interior designer, after all!”

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May 2nd, 2024 -- by Bacchus

Cheetah Club Catgirl, Redux

Way back in 2010 I posted this photo of a leashed and collared clubgirl wearing big-cat faux-fur animal prints at the 1966 opening night of the Cheetah Club in NYC. I’m delighted to have stumbled over two more photos of the same eye-catching lady, even if her leash is sadly less prominent in them:

leashed and collared woman in fake fur cat outfit at nightclub

1960s catgirl dancing at a nightclub

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May 1st, 2024 -- by Bacchus

Hurray, Hurray, The First Of May

There’s an ancient pair of couplets that goes like this:

“Hurray, hurray!
The first of May!
Outdoor fucking
starts today!”

Noted wordplay expert Willard R. Espy in his book Another Almanac Of Words At Play says this is a modernized version of an older folk verse, thusly:

“Hurray, hurray!
The first Of May!
Hedgerow tupping
starts today!”

But, sadly, hedgerows have fallen almost as far out of fashion as that venerable word “tupping”, which anciently referred to the breeding of sheep, but had already become a synonym for “fucking” by Shakespeare’s time.

In honor of this venerable holiday, I offer some anonymous 20th-century outdoor gay orgy art:

large interracial gay orgy artwork

Be sure to click the artwork to embiggen it — something that works more often than most people seem to realize here at ErosBlog.

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