Looking through the new sex toys at The Stockroom is often an eye-opening and educational experience. Never has that been more true than when I saw their page for The Stud Finder Prostate Milking Stick:

metal dildo for prostate milking

The sales copy is perhaps even more eye-opening:

If you were ever curious about whether you can milk a bull, this device answers with a roaring “YES!”

The Stud Finderâ„¢ is newest addition to our stable of prostate stimulation devices, but unlike the more conventional silicone, rubber, or plastic p-spot toys, this massive metal bad boy is daunting to look at as well as feel. 12 inches of solid stainless steel end in a heavy curving bulb designed to activate the male prostate gland and get your juices flowing, whether you want them to or not!

Prostate milking is a technique permitting the expression of fluids without necessarily triggering male orgasm, so this device is great for keeping your male slave healthy without offering him orgasmic relief – though using it doesn’t exclude pleasure at all! This heavy duty rod is destined to be all up in your arsenal for years to come!

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