Every now and then, it’s my pleasure to find and share a piece of descriptive writing about one or another sexual practice that may not be an everyday experience for many ErosBlog readers. Such as this piece on prostate milking from JR, whose blog is mostly about the pleasures of life as a BDSM pornographer. JR writes:

She’d been wanting to stick her finger up my ass for some time. God only knows why. So, the other day, when I walked into the room, she patted my side of the bed and asked me, “you need to be milked?”

This time when she asked if she could stick her finger up my ass I said, “sure”. She made some mention about whether I wanted her to go slow or fast and I just told her something. Did I say “surprise me?” That’s what I got. Surprised.

She was already stroking my cock in a way no woman has ever done before. I felt her finger meet my asshole and then suddenly, without any goddamn warning at all, she shoved it so far up my fucking ass I thought the top of my head was going to come off. I mean, it was like one quick, fluid motion. Wham. It was up there.

From this point forward it was all a blur. She was like an octopus. She overwhelmed my senses. Was I even in the same room at this point? I think so, ’cause there was one point, while she’s stroking my cock, she’s also searching for something with that other hand. And when she found it it was a really strange feeling.

How do you explain prostate milking? It was like she had some gland between her forefinger and index, and was rolling it in between the two. I suppose its akin to rolling your cock head between your lover’s two fingers. But that’s really a rather remote, vague way of describing it — because really it is so much more than that. When she massaged it I almost felt like I was undulating in a way. I’m here, now I’m not here. Swim-my. But then there’s the whole stroking the cock thing going on too. I’m reaching defcon one at this point and I feel like I’m on the tip of a Scud missile headed toward Jerusalem. There must have been a crease right under my butt cheeks where they grabbed the bed mattress and wouldn’t let go.

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