It’s my birthday! My ErosBlog birthday!

animated gif of the ErosBlog front page every year since 2002

Twenty amazing years of sex blogging. Wow. Happy birthday to {gestures wildly around} all of this!

I’ve published this weird little sex blog for two entire decades, almost half my adult life. On this day, October the 3rd, in 2002, I posted a photo of some sexy British toff-ladies baring their breasts (but no nipple!) as part of their light-hearted “protest” against the then-popular political movement to ban their fox-hunting hobby. OG blogger Glenn Reynolds of Instapundit (who’s still going strong) got the link credit.

That all feels like it happened a very long time ago. Because, indeed, it did.

I have a tradition of writing big wordy posts on ErosBlog anniversaries. (You can see many of these linked in the “Similar Sex Blogging” link block at the bottom of the post.) I originally thought that today, I would dump another massive prose load of that sort. However — and this is your cue to breathe a substantial sigh of relief — I thought better of it. Today I will not be ejaculating two thousand or four thousand or ten thousand words of navel-gazing prose. You deserve better. I can’t do much about getting y’all the things you deserve, but in this instance, simply by doing less, I can preserve you from one of my rambling Prose Dumps of Doom.

Instead, I simply want to thank you all. My readers, my commenters, my loyal patrons, my random accidental visitors… all of you! Without you, none of this would have been possible. Certainly not twenty long years of it! My heartfelt thanks to everyone.

birthday cake graphic for twenty years of ErosBlog 20th

Five years ago I wrote:

Well, friends, here we are in 2017, and we fuckin’ made it. But blogs in general and sex blogs in particular are not just quaint by this point, they’re positively obsolete. I don’t mind saying that 2022 is starting to look like it might be a serious reach for ErosBlog.

A reach? I was right about that. But here we remain, a little older and perhaps somewhat the worse for wear. I’ll take it!

My thoughts on the future of ErosBlog would have been in the big prose lump I spared you all today. Don’t worry. I expect to write about that, and much more, in several 20th-anniversary posts appearing throughout the month. Possible topics include my undiminished mania for curating and attributing porn and erotic art, the sorry state of the open web in general and/or the porn web in particular, the triumph of #pornocalypse in the social media age, the precarious future (because futures are always precarious) of ErosBlog, my never-to-be-realized dream of a genuinely-distributed pornocalypse-proof internet, and probably at least one dreary plea for your further Patreon support.

Twenty long years! I know, I don’t believe it either. Three years ago, on the 17th anniversary, I wrote “It’s a long time to run a website.” That was true, but so is what I wrote next: “I am, however, far from done.”

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

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