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July 1st, 2005 -- by Bacchus

Sex And Submission

If you like your sex at all kinky, you’ll have noticed that genuinely kinky hard core porn is very hard to find. Bondage and spanking photos are a dime a dozen, but how often do you see a pretty woman in a leather collar with her wrists tied giving a big sloppy enthusiastic blowjob? Or bouncing happily up and down on some male porn star prong with her wrists clipped to the D-rings on her collar?

I’m not saying you can’t find it, but it’s not common and it’s rarely commercial. In the United States, this has something to do (I’m told) with porn-industry-standard “rules of thumb” designed to help porn producers avoid judicial unpleasantry in all the most sexually conservative corners of the country where their porn might get sold.

So imagine my suprise today to discover that one of my favorite porn producers (the folks who, from their bastion of permissive community standards in San Francisco, put out sites like the oddly transgressive Ultimate Surrender girl/girl wrestling site, the justly famous Hogtied bondage site, or the sadly-no-longer-being-updated Real Fucking Couples) has crossed the line in a big way with their new site called Sex and Submission. For the first time that I’ve seen, an American porn company is making real BDSM porn that includes tight bondage, hard spanking, and real unfaked sex.

Let me illustrate by pointing to this Sex and Submission gallery, which opens with an almost stereotypical, even banal, BDSM tableau. Here’s a pretty woman (Lori Alexia) on her knees, on a leash but not otherwise bound, looking hungrily in the direction of some fellow’s presumably masterful erection:

leashed and kneeling and hungry for a blowjob

Of course, every two-bit BDSM pornographer in the last twenty years has shown you a picture like that, teasing you into hoping that she’ll be naked and tied (or chained, or whatever) in the next picture, and sucking like mad (still tied) in the picture after that. Buf if you bought the tease, you’d be disappointed. In the bad stuff, the leash is as good as the bondage gets; in the better stuff, her bondage gets more severe, and you might eventually see his penis held near her face, almost-but-not-quite in range of her tongue. And then in the next shot, you’ll looking at a blowjob closeup. And in the shot after that, they are going at it hammer and tongs — and she’s not tied any more. There are endless (and sometimes very creative) variations on the theme, but somehow the bondage and the sex never seem to make it into the same photographic frame.

In sharp contrast to those tired old ruses, Sex and Submission (astonishingly) appears to be delivering on the tease. In the gallery I took that photo from, it’s followed by a spanking photo, a picture of her being tied up tight with real rope, a display shot of her still leashed, but now topless with her hands tied behind, and then (philandering Zeus smite me if I lie!) two photos of her sucking intently on the man’s dick with her hands still tied and his tight grip on the leash “encouraging” her. I saw that and like to dropped my teeth. It’s a thing that (up until now) just wasn’t done.

Nor is it just a fluke. In this gallery, they’ve got the lovely Jamie all bent over in a short wooden pillory:

in the pillory and ready for her blowjob scene Mr DeMille

Again, every BDSM pornographer has got one of these pillories, and an endless supply of cute girls to put in it. You can find a hundred thousand versions of the inevitable weary flogging. But have you ever before seen the male talent take the obvious advantage of the situation and get a pillory blowjob? Perhaps I’ve led a sheltered life, because I haven’t. Until now.

When one does actually find this sort of real BDSM porn in odd foreign corners of the net, there’s always the additional worry that the scenes depicted might not be fully consensual. That’s the trouble with bondage sex — the vast majority of it as actually practiced in bedroooms and dungeons throughout the land is relentlessly consensual, but it’s neither easy nor desireable to portray that consent in a still photo. These galleries, made in America by a reputable producer of known fixed address, go a long way toward alleviating those sorts of concerns.

I’ll shut up now. It’s time to play one of my favorite games with The Nymph — the one where I show her pictures on my computer screen and she says “Eek!” (while observing avidly between widely-spaced fingers over her eyes). Y’see, she’s actually the carpenter of the family….

Update: There’s a rather heated comment to this post asking why “only the women are portrayed as submissives” and “will this company be fair and show men who are getting spanked and tied and fucked?” The answer, of course, is not “sexism” as the commenter proposes. In fact, the answer to the latter question is simply “Yes.” The company in question has had such a site for years, called Men in Pain. Here’s a sample gallery showing a man in severe bondage being caned, flogged, and penetrated anally and orally by powerful women. Sorry, Michelle, that dog just won’t hunt. Unless the sexism runs the other way? Why has it long been OK to show this sort of explicit submissive bondage sex when the man is the recipient, but not when the woman is?

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April 5th, 2018 -- by Bacchus

Forgetting Who Gets Tied Up

There’s an old ironic joke that goes “I haven’t had sex in so long, I forget who gets tied up.” This most recent scene from Sex And Submission reminded me of that joke, because even though Raven Hart is the one with the tied wrists and Tommy Pistol is theoretically the dominant who ties her up and fucks her, you can’t hardly tell from these photos, in which she basically rides him down and devours him:

Raven Hart riding Tommy Pistol

Raven smothering tommy with her breasts

hot sex with raven heart and tommy pistol

It’s a pretty amazing scene, and I’m pleased to see that even though Kink is no longer shooting at the Armory in San Francisco, they are still shooting fresh stuff that isn’t afraid to bend their own rules and formulas a little when the performer chemistry wobbles away from the standard script. In case you haven’t been tracking how the Kink porn products work these days, all of their channels (their former sites like Sex And Submission) are now part of their one-monthly-price Kink Unlimited product, which also includes an enormous number of promotional shoots and channels from other kinky porn companies with whom they have cross-marketing deals. The result is that you get a ridiculous amount when you join; they are calling it “over fifty channels”, and though it’s tough to get a precise count, that seems about right.

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August 12th, 2017 -- by Bacchus

Annie Cruz Is Waiting

This beautiful shot of Annie Cruz comes originally from the Sex And Submission archives:

annie cruz tied on a picnic blanket with her face held ready to give bondage blowjobs

Bondage Blog says there’s a blowjob picnic in progress, but apparently it’s not yet her turn.

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December 11th, 2016 -- by Bacchus

Smart Phone As Sex Toy

looking at his phone and not at her naked boobs

It’s generally true that if you wait long enough, even the most conservative porn eventually starts to reveal little hints about the sex lives of the people who make it. I was struck by this fact in the recent movie Blackmail Lust, where (disregarding the ostensible narrative frame, as one always ought to when viewing porn) the parties are documenting (as so many do these days) the sex they are having while they are having it, and the fact of doing so is a big part of the fun:

taking a smartphone video while she strips for him

smartphone is sextoy - videoing her blowjob while she sucks his dick

From Sex And Submission, which is now part of the Kink Unlimited product.

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October 5th, 2016 -- by Bacchus No Longer Sells Dirty Pictures

only videos for subscribers

Bondage Blog on Monday reported in detail on the removal of still photography from all of’s paid/subscription product offerings. The library of BDSM and fetish stills, which dated back to 1998 and was advertised as containing “over two million photos”, was apparently removed from sale because the people “have only been able to isolate a small portion of our members who use or appreciate them” and because of “complicated” but otherwise undisclosed technical issues associated with’s recent consolidation of its numerous porn sites and domains into areas (now called “channels”) at the URL.

The company continues to offer a handful of still photos for free to the public on the landing pages of its individual shoots, such as this shoot for the Sex and Submission channel. Those are the same pictures that used to be offered for free as part of the galleries used in promoting the various sites. What’s changed is that paying members formerly would have found somewhere between 50 and 400 additional still photos in the member area for each shoot; those are now entirely gone, and are no longer available anywhere to anyone. Paying members now get video, period.

watch the video or get the hose

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September 30th, 2015 -- by Bacchus

Modeling An Anal Tunnel Plug

Remember when I was all “WTF?” about a new-to-me insertable butt toy called an anal tunnel plug? Thanks to Tumblr, here’s a Sex And Submission photo of such a plug being worn and modeled in a (perforce) gaping anus:

Anal Tunnel Plug

It looks hotter than I would have thought, actually. Maybe the recent anal gaping explainer I blogged has helped build empathy for that family of fetishes?

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June 22nd, 2015 -- by Bacchus

Stealing Doesn’t Pay

What happens to rent-hungry San Francisco girl Jodi Taylor when she steals cash and data from the wealthy industrialist the maid-service sent her to? Hiding under the bed is her first impulse when he comes home unexpectedly, but it does not work:

hiding under his bed

handcuffed to his bed

confronted with the evidence of her theft and tied naked in the boiler room

Images are from a recent shoot at Sex And Submission.

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