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August 26th, 2016 -- by Bacchus

Eric Kroll’s Erotica Collection

smoking a cigarette with her toes

In the late 1990s when eBay was still fun, before Meg Whitman decided to root out all the smut, I spent a lot of money on there buying old porn magazines by the boxload. For a brief golden hour (actually, a couple of years) the supply of old smut coming out of musty attics overwhelmed the budgets of collector-hoarders like me.

In order to support my buying habit, I took to selling stuff, just like so many other eBay-enabled collectors in that era. And one of the things I sold was erotic postcards. At that time these were often published in bound “postcard books” with one perforated edge, by Taschen and some Japanese publishers and many other mostly-overseas sources. I would buy them in via Amazon (which process required some knowledge or some willingness to gamble, because this was before most items on Amazon had good photos of anything except the book covers, which were always much tamer than the postcards inside), split the postcards out of the book (carefully trimming the perforated edge), and sell the postcards individually for $2-$5 each. And they would sell! Lord how they would sell.

Among my consistent best-sellers were postcards from a book by Eric Kroll, fetish photographer. The woman smoking with her feet at the top of this post was a crowd favorite. And that is how I learned who Eric Kroll was.

Fast forward 20 years and I see a Tweet from fetish photographer Dave Naz. It seems that Kroll is now retired and living in a house he can’t quite afford that’s jammed full of erotic art (his own and stuff he has collected). So there’s a fundraising campaign to help him keep things together until he can find an institution to take the collection. I’m a sucker for a good collection of erotic art, and since I made a little money off his work back in the day, it seems like the least I can do is share the appeal with this audience:

Gofundme: Preserve Collection Of Fine Erotica

There are some Eric Kroll prizes for generous donors, but of course that’s not really the point.

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August 25th, 2016 -- by Bacchus

VR Porn From Sex Like Real


This post marks only the second mention on ErosBlog of a burgeoning new phenomenon: virtual reality porn. What I knew about VR porn the day before yesterday I can state in a few short bullets:

  • VR porn tends to be an immersive, point-of-view experience using virtual reality headsets that are just now recently hitting the market;
  • People who have seen VR porn — at least on the better gear — tend to rave endlessly about the high quality of the experience; and
  • I don’t have a headset. (Hardware people, where are the ErosBlog review headsets???)

Despite my woeful lack of a headset, the VR porn people at Sex Like Real asked me to write about their site where they aggregate and distribute all the new VR sex movies from studios like Naughty America and BadoInk VR. In fact it looks to me as if they are trying to distribute the vast majority of the VR porn titles out there; their site lists 887 videos from at least a dozen studios.


Sex Like Real also provide data for a site that comprehensively lists all of the studios known to be making VR porn; there are more than thirty studios on the list, but a bunch of them are still in the experimental phase of offering just a few titles. The studios that are jumping on the VR porn bandwagon are some of the biggest in the industry and the porn talent they are using includes most of the hottest women working today. You can see for yourself, at this directory of more than 500 VR porn models where you’ll find many familiar names and faces.

And what about the hardware? You absolutely will need a headset of some kind, because the whole idea here is to provide imagery that fills your field of view and immerses you in the action. Supported headset platforms include Google Cardboard (which appears to be literally just an origami-cardboard viewing frame you can wrap around your smartphone while it’s running the appropriate app), the Samsung Gear headset that works with select Samsung smartphone models, the Oculus Rift headset (the Facebook-owned one that famously began as a Kickstarter), and the HTC Vibe (a headset that comes bundled with Steam’s VR offering for gamers). My understanding — which is probably so laughably inadequate and over-summarized that the tech fanboys won’t even bother to scream at me in my comments — is that the Oculus and Vibe are the most expensive and require serious Windows PC hardware to power them, while the Gear offering is currently sitting in the price/performance sweet spot, at least for people who already have the phones that can power it.

Sex Like Real offers both direct download of porn movie files as well as via their VR porn app. This impression of the viewing experience on the Gear should give you a flavor of what the virtual porn experience is, ah, shooting for:

The scenes are shot from the male POV (Point Of View). It’s like you’re sitting on the sofa and girls perform all the stuff. The level of their determination to please you and the interaction with the girls is what defines the viewing pleasure. The hot pornstar gives you a lapdance or some other kind of foreplay (to me those moments where among the hottest VR porn parts) then she goes down and gives you a blow job so you get that feeling like being blown. When it comes to actual intercourse you get to fuck one or more hot women. They will grind all over your cock, bounce in and out, and perform all sorts of sexual acrobatics while you just sit back and enjoy the ride. It’s an immersive experience where the girl does all the work.

What about POV porn for women? Don’t panic! Despite the regrettable “all about the menz” flavor of that one male reviewer’s prose, there actually is POV porn for women, and Sex Like Real carries it. Their site has a Female POV porn category with (currently) 34 movies. This one here is called Angelo Worships The Fuck Out Of Your Feet, which is no small thing in a world where some women will exchange blowjobs for foot rubs:


See also:

There’s a lengthy thread on Reddit about the Sex Like Real app as experienced with the Oculus Rift headset. Feedback seems generally very positive with a lot of “wow, it’s amazing!” type remarks. One thing that’s clear in that thread, though, is that VR porn (and all these headsets and apps) are still a bit rough around the edges; there’s much geekery on display about bitrates and resolutions and hotly-desired features not yet to be found. Another thing that’s clear is how fast things are developing; there are features people were requesting two months ago on Reddit that are currently visible and available on the Sex Like Real website today. Without hardware in my hands and porn filling my field of view, I can’t give you an ironclad opinion on just how ready all of this is for prime time. But I will say this: a lot of people are working very hard and iterating very fast. By the time VR headsets are as common as game consoles, there’s not going to be any shortage of VR porn to watch on them!


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August 24th, 2016 -- by Bacchus

Dildo Baggins I Presume

Where does the word “dildo” come from? I won’t clickbait you: this article does not have the answer. The answer is apparently not known. But here you will find several entertaining theories and an entertaining firkytoodle:

The Etymology of Dildo

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August 23rd, 2016 -- by Bacchus

Office Blowjob, Interrupted

“I’m quite sure I said ‘no calls or visitors’ during my lunch hour!”


Another classic cartoon by Bill Ward.

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August 22nd, 2016 -- by Bacchus

Sex Books At The Stockroom

summer reading sale banner

bookworm upskirt

In the age of Amazon the Stockroom is rarely anyone’s first thought when dirty books — porn magazines, coffee table fetish art books, sexual how-to manuals — come to mind. But if like me you are conflicted about buying your sex books on Amazon — because they’ll sell you almost anything but they’re utter shit to adult authors and to any Amazon affiliate who has the temerity to put an Amazon link on a dirty web page — then it makes sense to do your adult book business at the same adult-friendly place you buy your kinky sex toys. The Stockroom has an excellent selection of adult reading material and an impeccable reputation as a retailer. What’s not to like?

What’s more, we’re currently in the final week of the 2016 Stockroom Summer Reading Sale (ends August 29). With discounts up to 70%, it’s really worth your time to check it out. Currently on my mental wishlist, because I am an eternal sucker for a big thick book of glossy fetish photos: Latex Fashion Photography from Goliath.

latex fashion photography

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August 21st, 2016 -- by Bacchus

Curling Her Toes When She Orgasms

I don’t know about you, but I will cheerfully confess to having a micro-fetish for the cute toe-curling that sometimes happens during orgasm. Bondage Blog has found an excellent Infernal Restraints shot of Marica Hase at this critical moment:

Marica Hase curling her toes during a forced bondage orgasm with a Hitachi magic wand vibrator

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August 20th, 2016 -- by Bacchus

Vintage Vibrator Porn

The vintage (pre-1930) French erotic movie Massages features the earliest film I have seen of an electric vibrator being used for male arousal and erection-stimulation. It’s interesting because it features a storyline of a man shown to have arousal difficulties. Of course he gets those difficulties quite thoroughly and happily resolved, with the help of two pretty “nurses”, their newfangled electric vibrator, and their professional-level skills with fingers and tongues.

Our story starts when, as one does, our man is leafing through the back pages of his newspaper, looking at and laughing over the ads for bogus “impuissance” treatments:

penis pill and impotence ads in french newspaper

Wait, did I say “bogus”? Silly me. This was in Paris, before the Nazis came. If your erection needed some assistance, there was genuine help to be found in the back of the newspaper! And because this silent movie has its intertitle cards in both French and English, we can read this next ad right along with our interested Frenchman:

massage parlor ad

Hey, it seems worth a try, or at least a laugh, right? There follow a few frames in which an offscreen presence speaking via an intertitle card — perhaps his wife? — encourages him to go and “try once more”. So off he goes to the massage parlor “Castle Anthrax” for a professional visit with Dr. Winston and Dr. Piglet. No, wait, that’s rather a different movie. Right, he goes to Lady Irma’s place to find his youth again, in the care of two oh-so-respectable nurses:

castle anthrax nurses in nun uniforms massaging naked man

These nurses are very high-tech for their times. They have an electric massager!

massage and vibrator for naked man

The vibrator feels very good on his bare butt. He can’t help arching his back and thrusting his buns up into the air:

vibrating his butt as he thrusts it up in pleasure

“But sir! That’s not why you’re here. Now roll over, we have business with your business.”

rolling him over to get at his limp dick

Have you played with the early wall-current massager/vibrators? I have. No dick that can rise will stay limp for long under those vibrations. And because this is porn — if for no other reason — this dick can rise. It does:

the dick also rises when hit with vintage vibrator cum personal massager

Once the trick is begun, it’s nothing that four professional hands can’t easily encourage:

happy dick with at least three hands on it

I am going to go out on the limb and say that our fellow is a happy customer!

he likes his handjob

It’s at this point that the movie begins to seem quite thoroughly modern, as our nurses collaborate to give the man an efficient double blowjob. I found myself quite charmed by their evident delight in sharing his dick with each other and with the camera:

double blowjob from french hookers posing as nuns

french prostitutes delighted to share his dick

french sex workers giving a man a happy double blowjob

Lady Irma predicted it: “If you come, you will come again.” Hell yeah, this man’s coming back.