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May 3rd, 2015 -- by Bacchus

Better Bedroom Furniture

Every time I look at pictures like these from Sexually Broken, I can’t help thinking I need a better class of bedroom fittings. Because of course as everyone knows, the major impediment to having black-diamond advanced-course kinky sex all the time is one’s lack of adequate bondage furniture:

strapped to the fuck block is Sadie Santana

bondage block for blowjobs and sex

That’s Sadie Santana demonstrating the latest multifunctional bondage fuck-table, in the May 1 update in the member’s area.

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May 2nd, 2015 -- by Bacchus

Tits Up, Don’t Shoot

naked police distraction

This .gif comes via Naked Protesters, with the caveat that it’s more likely to be from porn than real life. But no actual provenance comes with it.

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April 30th, 2015 -- by Bacchus

A Lecherous Nun

April 30th, 2015 -- by Bacchus

Blowjob Versus Face Fucking: The Difference

Girl On The Net explains the difference between blowjobs and face-fucking:

There’s a big difference between blow jobs and face fucking. A blow job can be calm or active – hard and wet and sloppy, with quick strokes, spit and choking. Or it can be gentle – soft and teasing. My tongue on his cock, stroking delicate tremors along it until he’s practically whimpering with a need to have it harder.

A face fuck, on the other hand, isn’t done gently. The whole point is excess: him filling my mouth just as much as he can, and then a tiny bit more for good measure. Me sucking down on him greedily, uncontrollably.

Not all I can eat, but all I will.

It’s the willfulness that makes me hot. His deliberate, hard strokes as he pushes my head against the back of the sofa. I’m not sucking his dick, I’m being fucked. Barely holding myself together as I splutter and gag and angle myself just right to take him all the way down to the base. To feel the head of his swollen cock thumping against the back of my throat.

Face fucking. Not a blow job. Not doing something, but having it deliberately and precisely done to me.

The back of my head squashes hard against the sofa cushions as he positions himself to get further in. One knee up for purchase, the other foot on the floor for balance, he pushes in deeper and harder. Thirty seconds of swift, rapid fucking then a pause. He pulls his cock out and streams of saliva trace a path from the head to my gaping, choking mouth.

“OK?” he asks. And I can’t speak so I nod – a quick one before he plunges back in. Faster now. Harder.

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April 29th, 2015 -- by Bacchus

Urging Him On To Better Efforts

If she gets the timing and force of her swats just right, she can considerably improve his thrusting depth and frequency, giving her female friend a much better fucking experience:


Via Kinky Delight.

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April 28th, 2015 -- by Bacchus

Naked Boxing Babes


These fetching nude boxing ladies are part of an advertising poster for Battle of the Burlesque Queens, a 1950s mail-order smutty movie. Found here.

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April 26th, 2015 -- by Bacchus

Livening Up A Funeral

Dr. Faustus recently called my attention to a phenomenon that’s occasioned numerous salacious newspaper and internet headlines in recent years: the practice for some few recent decades in rural Taiwan of hiring what are variously termed “strippers”, “pole dancers”, or “exotic dancers” to perform at funerals or on vehicles called “electric flower carts” in funeral processions. In truth, the reality seems rather more tame than the headlines. Despite diligent searching, I was unable to find a single image in Google or on YouTube featuring actual nudity. Does that tell us more about the funeral performances, or about the culturally-restricted media through which I am learning about them? I wish I knew.

Although quite a few flashy moments of exotic funeral dancing can be found out there buried under the turgid narration of various news and entertainment presenters, I was less successful at finding unfiltered video. The best I could do was this one bit of cell-phone video where the exotic dancers are seen to prance fairly tamely about the casket in their nice undies:

Quite honestly, I think if I were the one whose departure was being so festively celebrated, I’d rather have the marching band:

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April 26th, 2015 -- by Bacchus

Russian Women Bathing


This is a detail from In The Bath House (1897) by Russian artist Vladimir Alexandrovich Plotnikov. Via Kinky Delight.

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April 24th, 2015 -- by Bacchus

Vintage Fetish Fashions

This kinky Carlo artwork (via Spanking Blog) showcases some vintage and highly whimsical fetish-wear designs:

vintage kink fashion

Call it “flappers-in-latex” if you must — or just enjoy!

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April 23rd, 2015 -- by Bacchus

Strange Women

You know the word on strange women. Lying around in ponds and distributing swords, they’re no basis for a system of government. But the basis for a book? Sure!


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