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September 30th, 2016 -- by Bacchus

Anal Sex In Iran

There once was a rich cultural tradition in this country (which still survives to an extent) surrounding “good girls” (usually Catholic, sometimes other flavors of Christian) who would use anal sex as a way to preserve their technical virginity for marriage. It’s probably no surprise that something similar is said to be going on in modern Iran, along with a healthy dose of frottage:

Tahmineh wears the all-encompassing, black chador because her parents insist on it, and because neighbours in her conservative community gossip about women who choose to wear the headscarf and manteau, the overcoat that is meant to keep curves concealed. But in Tehran, being a virgin does not mean that Tahmineh has not had sex. “I first had anal sex when I was 21. Of course I want to have proper sex, but until I know for sure that my boyfriend wants to get married, I can’t risk it.”

Before Tahmineh graduated to anal sex, she and her friends were having la-paee (literally, “thigh”) sex, where the man uses a woman’s clenched thighs to orgasm. Tahmineh believes there are rising numbers of girls like her, who are from religious or traditional families but prepared to experiment sexually before marriage.

“Most girls in my area think that just being in a confined space with a boy is a sin, but my best friend has had la-paee sex, and I know lots of girls from less strict families who are allowed to hang out with boys, but who are still expected to be virgins, so they all have anal sex instead.” This phenomenon is so ubiquitous in Tehran that anal sex has become the butt – pun intended – of many a Tehrani joke.

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September 29th, 2016 -- by Bacchus

The Best Way To Win Is Not To Fight

Supposedly this is a perfectly martial illustration from the pages of the Codex Wallerstein, a much-admired German fencing manual assembled from multiple sources in 1556. But honestly it looks to me more like a tactic to reduce social tension and stop the fight before it ever really gets started:

giving a blowjob to stop the fight: he would rather fuck than fight

I’d love to know what the caption says!

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September 28th, 2016 -- by Bacchus

The Sexy Sound Of Money

In a post at Lady Laid Bare where Jillian Boyd is exploring her enjoyment of wet slippery lubed and oiled skin, there’s a quick reference to a cams performer on Chaturbate who is having a good night:

Reader, I must confess – I am seriously into the sight of glistening skin.

It’s why I nearly jizzed myself with happiness when I saw the links to those videos. I wasn’t even aware there was porn which catered so specifically to this turn-on – but there it was, a glimpse of a whole website dedicated to lube drizzling on tits and abs, to sticky and wet fucks and the glee of making a great big mess with personal lubricant.

Now, as we’re both still in the process of unpacking from our move, I haven’t the faintest idea where our actual stash of lube is, despite me clearly remembering packing it. For that matter, I’m also not entirely sure where the rest of our towels are. But what we did have to hand, right on top of the chest of drawers next to my side of the bed, was a bottle of Body Shop lavender massage oil. Which would not only do the job quite nicely, but would also make less of a mess. It would do. For now. Besides, I was already soaking wet from watching our cam girl of choice on Chaturbate – she was naked, spread out and at the mercy of an OhMiBod vibrator inside her, which pinged every time she got tipped. Judging from the wall of yellow in the chat box, the constant beeping sound of tipping and the fact that she was pretty much constantly grinding and moaning, she was having a pretty goddamn good night of it.

I am fascinated by this field observation of a pleasure loop in which the act of getting paid is quite literally a sexual stimulus. There is, to be sure, a cynical perspective from which to consider the account, one in which the cam girl is cast rigorously as a “performer” so that her performance of sexual response and pleasure can be denigrated as somehow insincere (because money). But it seems to me that human sexuality is more complex than that. I don’t have any trouble at all believing that the performer here was experiencing genuine sexual pleasure, mediated by a competent vibrator and reinforced by the continuous influx of “sincere flattery” — which is to say, money. Getting paid is pleasurable, and so is a decent vibration delivered with an unpredictable pattern. Even if this performer set out to deliver a show in which she performed pleasure without intending or expecting to experience it, I’m not entirely convinced that she would or could have been successful at doing so. If you mix two different pleasures often and thoroughly enough, they become associated with one another. That’s one way fetishes are built.

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September 27th, 2016 -- by Bacchus

Our Women, Do They Satisfy?

When I saw a reference to the 1938 film How To Undress In Front Of Your Husband, I was hoping for some sort of vintage-porn-loop version of those “Learn To Strip For Your Husband” books that were such a thing in the 1970s. And I got it, more or less — but it came with a hot-mess bowlful of misogynistic “wives are whores” nonsense, body-shaming drivel, and slapstick peeping-tom consent-violations comedy. Sample narration: “You know, the average woman will use every bit of feminine trickery at her command to sell herself to the man she loves…until she lands him. And after that, she just sends him monthly invoices.”

Honestly, my favorite part of the film is the campy scroll at the beginning, which uses preposterous claims about marriage to frame and justify the subsequent G-rated clips of Elaine Barrie Barrymore undressing in her boudoir, supposedly all unknowing that she’s being filmed by a Peeping Tom:

But how about our women? Do they satisfy? With all these modern disadvantages, science has done nothing to make marriage safe for husbands.

The old marriage institution has limped along for centuries, burdened by boredom -- men have submitted, suffered, and supported long enough.

Therefore: we have decided to do our bit toward the relief of marital boredom.

So, yeah, here’s the movie, warts and all. I find this sort of thing fascinating (artifacts of culture and all that) even when all the toxic messages are so loud they threaten to drown out the sexy bits:

September 26th, 2016 -- by Bacchus

Pretty Tourists Stayed Too Long

When you’re touristing in a politically unstable place, it’s important to leave before the coup. Or, as the immortal John Willie put it, “take care you don’t get into such a mess in the first place!”

firehose treatment for two pretty tourists in a third world jail

detention facility for pretty tourists

From the Dofantasy comic The Coup: Victims, by Moffett.

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September 25th, 2016 -- by Bacchus

An Extra Helping Hand

She was finally getting almost the perfect fantasy threesome she always dreamed about. A tropical beach, floral breezes, palm trees, two hunky men paying her their undivided sexual attention…

…Yeah. About that. There may be a little flaw:

one of her threesome dudes is jerking off the other dude while he fucks her

Via Kinky Delight.

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September 24th, 2016 -- by Bacchus

Literotica: A Web Classic For Erotic Fiction

After running the same website for more than fourteen years, I can tell you that eventually it starts to feel somewhat the same as I imagine it might feel to be one of the last living veterans of some ancient war. It becomes so rare to see another website that was already a going concern when you got started, that you react to these fellow veterans with a certain joy-of-recognition and pleasure in-seeing-them, as if they were your old comrades in a struggle mostly forgotten. At least, that’s how I feel these days when I land at Literotica, which was several years old — and already enormous — when Erosblog got started back in 2002.

literotica entry page

Literotica, for those who don’t know, is a huge repository of free online erotic fiction. The site is, in my opinion, the direct spiritual descendant of various erotic story newsgroups such as that flourished on Usenet before the the web was invented. The defining characteristic of all such electronic erotic story collections (again in my opinion) was and remains their predominantly fetish nature; before the age of the internet there were other places to find “mainstream” erotic fiction (remember the “Anonymous” section in urban book stores?) but very few such existed for anything kinky. Hence the most important raison d’être (although certainly not the only one) at all such sites is to be found in their extensive BDSM story collections.

Literotica does not disappoint in this regard, featuring more than 26,000 stories in its BDSM stories section alone:


The following excerpt, from the beginning of a lengthy and well-crafted story about a woman who binds herself in her own house to be discovered in that helpless state by her sexy roofer, is an utterly classic example of the free online BDSM story genre:

Back downstairs, a single strand of white rope now dangled above Claire’s head as she gathered the rest of the items she needed. Ankle cuffs soon adorned her feet and she fed the open ends of a pair of handcuffs through the loop of rope above her. She then grabbed the last three items she needed and sat on the floor before the rope.

First was a metal bar about thirty inches long. Claire spread her legs on the white carpet and linked each end of the bar to her ankle cuffs. She then struggled to her feet and, balancing awkwardly, picked up the other two items. First she pressed the large leather blindfold over her eyes. Tying it tight pressed thick foam pads against her eyelids, preventing her from opening them. Her world became pitch black.

Next came a harness gag, black straps with a deep red silicone ball. Nervous exhales fogged the surface as she held it to her lips. Claire refused to hesitate, and pressed the large orb between her teeth. She’d bought this ball precisely because it tested her, because she’d never look forward to wearing it. She wanted something that made her feel helpless, and tugged at the strap behind her neck until the it bit into her cheeks and stretched her lips, fought the chin strap until the ball smothered her tongue, and tightened the other strap over her the top of her head until her jaw gripped it like a vise. Her voice was reduced to incoherent moans, just like she hoped.

Blindly, Claire reached up and found the cuffs dangling above her. She could undo everything up to this point. She could take it all back. But once those cuffs clicked into place, her fate would no longer be her own. The feel of cold steel electrified her, and Claire took the plunge. The handcuffs clicked.

And from the second she pulled at her hands, and found them locked above her, Claire grew nervous. She was alone in her home, bound and naked, with the roofer scheduled to arrive at nine. When was nine, anyway?

If, like so many people, you enjoy reading free BDSM stories (or stories about any imaginable sexual preference or combination, truly) sites like Literotica have probably been your mainstay for quite some time. True, there’s a lot of chaff among the grain; you’ve got to learn to read with a selective filter and be brutal about bypassing stories that offend you, or that merely fail to entertain. It’s no problem, though, because the body of erotic work is so very large, there’s always another page you can click with more story titles and summaries to entice you.


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