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February 23rd, 2018 -- by Bacchus

A Dream In The Vale Of Cashmire

In Percy Bysshe Shelley’s poem Alastor the narrator, asleep in the vale of Cashmire, dreamed of a veiled maid:

Sudden she rose,
As if her heart impatiently endured
Its bursting burthen: at the sound he turned.
And saw by the warm light of their own life
Her glowing limbs beneath the sinuous veil
Of woven wind, her outspread arms now bare,
Her dark locks floating in the breath of night.
Her beamy bending eyes, her parted lips
Outstretched and pale, and quivering eagerly.

Who among us, really, hasn’t had a dream very like that one? Apparently the veil she was wearing was pretty thin (also true to my experience of such dreams) and that seems to have been how American illustrator Frank Thayer Merrill imagined her as well:

veiled nude dream maiden

Artwork is from this 1905 edition of Shelly’s poems at the Internet Archive.

February 22nd, 2018 -- by Bacchus

A Skillful Dominatrix

This lady must be a domme of some skill, I’m thinking, for her victim client to have such a pleased look on his face with the hot irons heating right there in the charcoal brazier:

femdom dominatrix greets helpless man with a grin on his face as glowing red hot branding irons heat in the fire

Artwork comes from the cover of Sexy Show #3.

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February 21st, 2018 -- by Bacchus

Nourishment And Pleasure

banana eating limerick prompt

According to the January 31, 1920 edition of London Life (all thanks to Dara Howley from Twitter) this London woman takes both “her nourishment and her pleasures seriously.” (So much for any quaint notion that the artwork might have been intended to depict an innocent banana-eating, without sexual innuendo.) She’s the visual prompt for a rather tricky limerick contest, in fact:

limerick contest

This isn’t an easy limerick to complete:

She lives nearer Bow than Havanna,
Yet she’s fond of a juicy banana.
Between you and me
It’s quite plain to see

What say you, clever Erosblog poetasters?

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February 20th, 2018 -- by Bacchus

The Free-Tonguing Cowboys Of The Old West

Free tonguing prospector leading his mule

I was paging through Pep Comics #11 from 1941 when a very strange page fell under my wondering eyes. Free-tonguin’ cowboys? Wait, what? Of course if you knew the right cowboy you could order you up a Brokeback Mountain Tossed Salad in the old west, but surely the comic books of 1941 wouldn’t be acknowledging that?

It turns out to have been, still somewhat oddly, a story about verbal shifts during linguistic borrowing from Mexican Spanish:

article about linguistic drift and borrow words from mexican spanish

Click either image for the full story.

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February 19th, 2018 -- by Bacchus

A Faint Implication Of BDSM

Kinky Delight just posted an utterly classic example of a phenomenon that used to drive me utterly bugfuck nutzo during my horny teenage and young adult years: the “fake porn” and especially “faux BDSM” magazine (or, sometimes, book) cover:

bogus BDSM on the cover of a vampire magazine

Study this Italian vampire magazine cover closely and it has all the elements you could want to suggest some rousing BDSM pornography: bare tits, racy black lingerie, leather lingerie, a leather collar, knotted ropes worn as a harness, ropes going over unseen rafters or perhaps a pulley, dangling chains, a whip, kneeling women, a dominatrix sneer…

But none of the elements are connected, literally or figuratively! The chains and ropes aren’t tied to anything, the collar isn’t hooked to anything, nobody is submitting to anyone that we can see, nobody is getting whipped, nobody is tied up or tied to anything or to each other or to themselves, there’s no actual bondage or BDSM in progress and even the assumption of kneeling women is an assumption based on relative head positioning, as we cannot see their lower bodies.

This is a whole lot of effort being put into staging a photograph to suggest BDSM in the context of a censorship regime where nobody wants to take the chance of being arrested or censored or even glowered-at-by-officialdom for actually showing anything scandalous. Everything is suggestion, everything is deniable, nothing is actually what the image seems to promise, and — what made my sixteen-year-old self so angry — you can be fucking-damned certain that nothing within the covers will be even half as a racy as the worthless weak sauce on the cover.

Still, I guess we need to admire the creative effort that went into assembling so many elements of a BDSM tableaux without actually committing any BDSM to film.

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February 18th, 2018 -- by Bacchus

Kneeling Onahole

kneeling onahole with feet box art detail

If you have ever watched a little too much Japanese porn, or thumbed an Asian porn magazine and wistfully eyed the advertisements for the WILD sex toys in the back pages unlike anything available in this country, I’ve come across a website that might make you oddly happy (as long as you don’t mind some pretty hefty trans-Pacific shipping costs). I’m talking about Kanojo Toys and their amazing selection of masturbators, Tenga holes, sex dolls (silicone, plush, inflatable, or miniature), scent/smell fetish items and used panties, cosplay gear, DVDs, and items so bizarre the Kanojo people just dump them in a category they call “Fun Stuff”. (See, e.g., the “Ryoujoku Shame Graffiti Body Paint: Japanese porn-style insult writing crayons.”)

But none of this, my friends, is why I have called you all together here today. No, we’re here to marvel at a four-point-four pound slab of buttocks and feet called the Petan Hips DX Kneeling Onahole, which is helpfully subtitled “Japanese buttocks, feet fetish masturbator.” Marvel, I said, and I meant it:

Ketan hips ass and feet two-hole onahole male masturbator japanese sex toy

There is a lot of very helpful sales copy to go with the photograph, although there may have been just a leetle teensey weensey bit of keyword stuffing going on:

“Ass realistic modeling” is what Tama Toys have put on the box and they couldn’t be more right! The Petan Hips DX Kneeling Onahole. You have two holes to choose from in this flat-bed masturbator, plus you can even slide yourself in between her awesome buttocks. Her pussy is lined with generous bumps the whole way, changing in intensity as the hole winds. Her butt hole, meanwhile, starts with some wider ribs, before squeezing you into a vice-like tunnel deep inside.

She is sitting on her knees, her cute little feet sticking out from underneath her ass (great if you also have a foot fetish). If you like a curvy ass, grip hard onto this butt, a deluxe rear waiting for your hands to hold it and your member to enter.

Perhaps the helpful and attractive banner will demonstrate the features of the product more clearly than translated marketing prose ever could:

Petan hips demonstration banner

I don’t want to sound like I’m mocking the person who would enjoy this toy, because I’m truly not. The extreme objectification inherent in these “chunks of bodies with holes in them” sex toys lends itself to extreme reactions; they are always going to strike some people as horrifying, sad, or macabre, while triggering positive fetish reactions (amputee fetish, doll fetish, rubber fetish, and more) in other people, even while simply working as sex toys for a third category. My primary reaction is the triggering of my “imp of the perverse” — I want to order these by the dozen, and distribute them (preferably with industrial adhesives) to posh slick surfaces at expensive addresses where they will shock the toffs and be difficult to be remove. But I recognize this as a highly individualized reaction, no more or less valid than any other. (I am no doubt fortunate, given pervasive surveillance these days, that I cannot afford to indulge my impish notions.)

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February 17th, 2018 -- by Bacchus

Share Our Shit Saturday 10 #SoSS

Hey, hey, hey, it’s Saturday! Let’s Share Our Shit!

  1. There’s an ancient and high-quality link list that has been very kind to ErosBlog over the years. It’s called Indie Nudes and I literally know nothing about who runs it; they publish an email address but communicate never, at least not with me. Still, they linked to ErosBlog very early and sent good traffic when I needed it, and their other links are high quality (if sometimes dated, though I cast no stones nor aspersions on that score). I just noticed they link to a sex blog not familiar to me called Slutever that’s clearly run by people who play the marketing game at a much higher level than I do; the three women who blog at Slutever have a business representative at a talent agency, and a book, and a television show, and 33k Twitter followers, and a Facebook page with 19k likes (the which, I don’t even comprehend given the #pornocalypse). But anyway, what caught my eye was their Week In Sex link roundup. I love a good sex news link roundup; after many many years of quality product, I know for example that Violet Blue’s is always worth retweeting (and saving to read later) before I ever read it. The one at Slutever? Maybe not so much. One sentence, or two short ones, per link; the stories all pretty high-profile, the sort of thing you already saw if you use Twitter and follow sex stuff at all. If you work in insurance and Slutever is the raciest web page you read, probably useful.
  2. A few days ago I posted a Twitter-musing about an oddity of the financial-domination professionals, namely that I haven’t observed any of them to exist on Twitter without attempting to perform their professional hustle on Twitter, which is a highly toxic experience for random bystanders. This is in sharp contrast to other kinds of sex workers; for example, a great many “normal” dominatrixes exist and even market themselves on Twitter without (for example) performing histrionic misandry at high volume, even if some amount of that might happen in a session or in DMs with clients. Anyway, I’m sure it all reflects my continued failure to understand something fundamental about the financial domination kink and the profession of satisfying it. If you are like me, you may find this blog post and linked article by Susannah Breslin at least a little bit helpful, although even she forthrightly admits she’s not sure she understands it even after she wrote her article about it.
  3. My friend Dr. Faustus has, as promised, continued building out his mad-science comic Bubbles with a Chinese-language edition, as announced here.

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