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June 27th, 2017 -- by Bacchus

Ruffles And Chastity

Who says you can’t wear lacy ruffles and a leather chastity belt at the same time? It may not be quite the done thing in today’s fashion climate of bare hairless gleaming genitals limned with austere dark leather (or vegan-alternative) bondage gear, but if it was good enough for the famous Bettie Page (per this photo via Bondage Blog) then it should be good enough for any of us!

lace ruffled corset and leather chastity belt

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June 26th, 2017 -- by Bacchus

Sucking It All In

From the look on her face, he’s a bit larger than she’s used to, and she’s not at all sure how much of his dick she can fit in her mouth, but she’s committed to making her best attempt:

grundig blowjob

Artist is Salomon Grundig, in a French sex comic called Viole d’un Couple.

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June 25th, 2017 -- by Bacchus

No Endorsement For Nudists

famous fan dancer sally rand

The above photograph of famous burlesque performer Sally Rand appeared in the March 12, 1934 issue of Time magazine, along with the shocking news that the infamous cult of nudism had tried to buy her endorsement:

In Brooklyn, where she was appearing at the Paramount Theatre, famed Fan Dancer Sally Rand revealed that she had been offered “a big sum” to indorse nudism. Said she: “The offer shocked me. I know that if I endorsed it, a lot of fat old men would join the cult just to see me without fans. it made me sick that my lovely dance should be confused with such things. All the nudists I ever saw had scratches all over their rear ends where they had been sitting on thorns.”

The quote raises an interesting question: in what context did Sally Rand see the scratched naked bottoms of nudists, if she was not already a member of “the cult”? Inquiring minds want to know.

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June 24th, 2017 -- by Bacchus

“No Other Vice Can Compare To It”

I’m currently doing some research for Dr. Faustus into the so-called “shudder pulps” of the 1930s, and in the process I came across this anecdote which illustrates the danger of mixing up one’s vices:

Since dealers were allowed into the huckster room to set up early, I used to buy a table just to get into the room, not to sell anything but to get a chance to buy pulps before the other collectors. I learned right away that I had to arrive early at least the day before the start of the convention. More than once I ended up spending all my money before the show even started, usually buying pulps in hotel rooms.

One collector thought he would beat me at my own game and arrived at the convention hotel several days before my arrival. However his plans failed when he made the mistake of carrying on a torrid affair with one of the room maids. She took him for all his money and again proved that you should not combine your vices (pulps and sex), and that women and pulps just do not mix.

I remember laughing and asking him why on earth would you go to a book convention and get distracted by women. Book collecting is one of the very strongest addictions and no other vice can compare to it.

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June 23rd, 2017 -- by Bacchus

Riding The Wizard

Because even arcane sorcerers sometimes feel the need to submit to some feminine power? His court buddies seem a little surprised though:

femdom for a wizard

From this cover, possibly by Frollo.

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June 22nd, 2017 -- by Bacchus

Nothing Like A Good Spruzz

It would appear that “Spruzz” is onomatopoetic French sex-comic text for an emphatic ejaculation. I’m not sure how this fellow arranged this one, but he seems to be enjoying it (dare I say?) enormously:

pot-bellied man comes on one woman's tits with the help of a second kneeling woman

From an Elvifrance comic called Les queutards; artist is Leone Frollo.

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June 21st, 2017 -- by Bacchus

Adult Payments And Virtue-Signalling Middlemen

Marc Hochstein, writing somewhat abstractly for American Banker about Bitcoin and other decentralized cryptocurrencies, turns some nice phrases that go a long way toward explaining why the adult industry struggles to do safe transactions in a world where #pornocalypse-squeamish banks control all our payment systems:

As the world goes digital and physical cash transactions continue to decline — egged on by payments companies aiming to expand market share and by governments seeking to maximize tax revenues — there will likely be a lot more attempts to turn trusted third parties into choke points. The writer Brett Scott warned about this last year:

“Cashless society” is a euphemism for the “ask-your-banks-for-permission-to-pay society.”

[I]n a world where all payments are subject to veto by virtue-signaling middlemen, today’s politically correct social norms could become tomorrow’s dangerous control state.

“All payments are subject to veto by virtue-signalling middlemen.” That’s our situation all right!

Thanks to Maggie McNeill for the link.

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