It’s always an eye-opener to discover (through the medium of sex toys) a whole field of sex stimulus and/or fetish play you never knew existed. Last year when my discovery of the Giant Penis Plug clued me into to the existence of a universe of rings, plugs, and probing devices designed to grab the penis and place/hold metal parts inside the urethra in various painful/pleasurable/controlling ways, my principle reaction was (metaphorically speaking) to clutch at myself and run away. I should have known (but did not immediately discover, due to aforementioned metaphorical fleeing) that whenever men buy toys for themselves that are machined out of steel, models with options, doohickeys, and adjustments quickly begin to flood the market. For instance, how is it possible not to offer something in this line that needs to be adjusted with a wrench?

Turns out, it’s not. Behold the Deep Driller With Cock Ring:

deep driller cock ring with adjustable urethral plug and probe

Here’s the sales copy; note the wrenching specs, AKA porn for the mechanically-inclined:

The Deep Driller is a stainless steel, dual action penis plug and cock ring that has an adjustable length urethral insert that prevents ejaculation, with a sturdy round cock ring to hold it in place. This hardcore piece of hardware is a very clever way to penetrate the urethra while trapping the cock in place.

A handy hex key (or Allen wrench) is included to adjust the plug length (up to 3 inches). Cock torture and chastity enthusiasts will enjoy this device immensely. It’s great for BDSM partners, slaves, Masters or Mistresses… and for solo masochists to play with themselves as well.

Dual action! Adjustable insert! I wonder if I can get that with tritium ghost ring sights and computerized injectors? {FapFapFap} Awshit, now I need a hanky.

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