What kind of soulless scum sells a fake vibrator? According to self-described pleasure advocate Sunny Megatron, such scum we have in plenty. Sunny estimates that “over 95% of the Magic Wands sold on Amazon and eBay are straight up fakes”. She’s talking about the Magic Wand Original vibrator (the one that used to be called the “Hitachi Magic Wand” before Hitachi got all sex-squeamish) and she reports that the internals of the fake knockoffs range from disappointing in the pleasure department (perhaps lacking that distinctive American-motorcycle gut-shaking rumble) all the way to downright dangerous, with reports having reached her ears of fake wands that melted, shorted out, or even caught fire.

Fortunately, Sunny’s article offers five sure-fire ways to distinguish a genuine Magic Wand from the false article. Go, read, become enlightened.


And then, if you want to test yourself, go and study the Magic Wand Original offered by the The Stockroom (my all-time favorite sex toy seller) and see how many hallmarks of genuineness you can spot on the Stockroom’s sale page. (Spoiler alert: lots!)

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