From what I hear, the Hitachi Magic Wand is considered “too much” by a lot of women, even before they’ve had an orgasm. And from what I’ve observed, tolerance for vigorous stimulation tends to decline in women after they’ve had one. So, yeah: “Sadistic Bastard” is probably not too harsh here. Although possibly she means it in a good way, right? From The Blog Of Fred:

I swirled and criss crossed her clit with my tongue. Just as she got excited I changed and licked around the periphery. Back to the clit with more swirls. Eventually she pushed her hips up and moaned and gasped as her orgasm engulfed her, I continued for a while and she moaned and orgasm several more times.

My turn.

Kneeling between her legs I gently pushed inside. She was very wet. It did not take long. A few moments of rhythmic thrusting I was past the point of no return. Lovely.

I moved off and rummaged in her bedside cupboard for her Hitachi wand.

“No Fred that’s too much, I am too sensitive. Please no!” I ignored her pleading and plugged the machine in. I held it against her clit; turned off.

“Here we go, try not to make too much noise, I think your neighbours have come home!” I switched it on.

She screamed and wriggled and tried to move away but I held her firm and applied more pressure. She gasped and flushed bright red from her face to her belly button. She held her breath in a vain attempt to control herself. All in vain. Useless. She shuddered and screamed as the bitter sweet pleasure of an orgasm on an over sensitive clitoris rushed over her.

I lifted the Hitachi clear of her clit. After a few moments her breathing slowed and she opened her eyes. “You sadistic bastard!”

Whereupon he reminded her that she was still tied up, and he still had the Hitachi in his hand…

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