I’ve been posting affiliate links to sex toys since approximately April of 2006. Today I was looking at some aggregate statistics about orders not completed — items that potential customers following my links put into a virtual shopping cart, but never checked out. In more than four years, what are the most popular “almost purchased” items?

popular sex toys

It’s actually a rather fun little list:

  1. Vibrating Silver Bullet. Inexpensive ($9), classic, functional. 72 “almost” purchases over four years. Nice price/utility ratio.
  2. Hitachi Magic Wand. Famous. Capable. Legions of fans. $39.95. 67 “almost” purchases.
  3. Bend Over Boyfriend DVD. The classic instructional video for hetero strap-on fun. $38.00. 63 “almost” purchases.
  4. Fleshlight Male Masturbator. Another famous toy with a lot of marketing behind it. The spendiest item on the list at $65.00. 44 “almost” purchases.
  5. 18″ Black Paddle. Your basic wooden spanking paddle, big enough to be evil. $42.00. 36 “almost” purchases.

I don’t know whether this list is a proxy for overall item popularity, or whether it’s a special list of items that people consider buying before “chickening out” or deciding to be kind to their credit cards. But it’s interesting, either way.

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