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March 1st, 2015 -- by Bacchus

Sucking Rain DeGrey’s Dick At

The first time you heard a woman say “suck my dick” you probably assumed it was a figure of speech. Which it probably was. But if you ever hear Rain DeGrey say it, don’t be so quick to assume:

Mrs Wellington enslaved and forced to suck Rain's cock

Mrs Wellington is forced to suck a dildo

rain degrey forces Mrs wellington to suck her strap-on dick

mrs welling deep-throating rain degrey dick

Photos are from the most recent update at

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January 26th, 2014 -- by Bacchus

Rain DeGrey On Vomit Play

If your eyebrows went up when I posted about Rain DeGrey’s comfortable relationship with vomit, you’d best be prepared for them to migrate northward once again. Because she’s back with another blog post in which she explicitly explains why she likes making people barf:

I don’t have a puke fetish. Puke is nasty and messy and you have to stop everything to clean it up.

I have a control fetish. The concept of controlling someone so utterly that you literally control their bodily functions makes me hot. The thought of so completely owning the back of someone’s throat that you can make them vomit, whether they want to or not? Well, that works for me on so many levels it isn’t even funny. Forcing someone to vomit is like making them squirt from their throat. In my book.

There are also practical tips for playing with puke. Yup. Check ’em out if you need ’em.

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June 28th, 2013 -- by Bacchus

Rain DeGrey On Blowjobs And Effort

I woke up this morning to find an amusing exchange about blowjobs in my Twitter feed. It all started with Rain DeGrey, a skilled professional who is on the record about having a relaxed relationship with vomit:

So, I am sure, would we all.

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August 10th, 2012 -- by Bacchus

Hunting Rain DeGrey

It’s funny how these little cultural/mimetic loops can thrash about for years before eventually reifying themselves. Remember Hunting For Bambi — the great “pay to hunt women with paint guns” breathless internet scandal of 2003 that I reminisced about a few months ago? That turned out to be real (as in, there was a porn made on that theme) but fake (there apparently weren’t any paying customers to do the hunting) and maybe-fake (it’s unclear if anybody actually ran naked through the woods getting shot at with paint guns, ouch).

Time marches on. Culture marches on. Memes breed and migrate and breed some more. The guys who used to do the once-notorious bondage sex site are still out there. And so a decade passes until we get this, in connection with what is, I’m guessing from other hints in the twitter feed, a shoot for BDSM porn site Hard Tied:

Cultural/memetic progression doesn’t happen in a vacuum, of course. Notice in the final tweet the reference to the credit card processors? Even your porn is subject to the influence of the ogliarchic mega-banking corporations.

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October 6th, 2017 -- by Bacchus

Boot Smut

Yesterday @isabeldrelder tweeted that “@GothCharlotte really likes my boots and the way they feel when I step on her so we made a lil smut” along with two photos, of which this is part of one:

walking on Charlotte Sartre with sparkly boots

We know (because inquiring minds wanted to) that the awesome sparkle boots are Dr. Martens and that “a long ass video” was made and is presumably forthcoming.

Technical postscript: This post begins a transition away from relying upon Twitter’s standard embeds, especially for media. I am starting to notice signs that Twitter no longer reliably serves embedded tweets; see, e.g., two of four tweets in this post from 2012. Although that doesn’t matter for textual content of embedded tweets (which I’ve still got no matter what Twitter does) it does result in loss of any multimedia content.

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October 7th, 2016 -- by Bacchus

Nina Hartley’s Amazing Crafting Purse

Writing at WoodRocket, Rain DeGrey has an entertaining anecdote about Nina Hartley’s mad crafting skillz when working on the fly with nothing but the contents of her purse:

A performer, educator, activist and all around delightful person, Nina has been kicking ass and taking names for long enough to qualify for OG status in the industry.

I had heard of her long before I finally met her in person, but we didn’t actually meet in the flesh until the day she had to make me a pair of pasties to prevent the police from closing us down.

We were both performers at a fundraising event in San Francisco that made the unfortunate call of having both alcohol and uncovered nipples at the same time, which is a bit of a no-no without proper permits. Permit-scorning rebels that the organizers were, nobody thought that the fundraiser would be big enough to attract any attention of the authorities. We were wrong. Hundreds of people ended up showing up and the place was packed to the rafters. Mid-event, the police raided the place and gave us the option of either covering up all the wayward nipples or closing down the fundraiser.

Option “cover the nipple” was selected and there was a hurried rush to make multiple pasties for all those poking out pink bits that are so dangerous when near the booze. I happened to be standing near Nina when the raid went down and she was so unruffled as to be blasé.

“Not a problem,” she said with a smile, “we used to have to make pasties on the fly all the time when I was dancing.” With a deft movement, she extracted a can of hairspray, some black electrical tape and some scissors from her purse. Flipping the can upside down, she covered the bottom of it with strips of the electrical tape, trimmed down the tape strips in the shape of a circle using the hairspray can as a guide, and handed me a set of nipple pasties in under a minute. She was like the MacGyver of sexy times and I was really curious what else she was carrying in that purse…

And if that’s not enough, there’s a bonus photo at the link of Rain wearing panda-onesie pajamas.

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January 26th, 2016 -- by Bacchus

The Importance Of Dick

Rain DeGrey has some thoughts about the all-surpassing importance (or not) of a hard dick:

Folks? It isn’t all about the dick. The dick has a mind of its own. You can not control the dick. It will be hard, soft, semi, working, ignoring you, hard as a rock in front of your grandma at Christmas and squishy pudding in front of that hot girl that you crave sawing in half with your cock. It is not to be counted on.

But men can’t talk about these things. As far as they can tell, they are the only ones with a dick that they can’t control. Every other male out there is just a rampant battering ram that is busy tattooing his initials on every available cervix.

Us women? We know better. We are the ones hanging out with the cock, we know how it goes. We don’t stress on dick half as much as men do. I have seen dick in all of its states. And I love it every which way. If you are not presenting as a battle ax ready to do some serious damage, you have fingers, tongues and best of all, your mind. Get creative! Free yourself from the limits of the cock box. There is more to you than just a dick.

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