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March 1st, 2015 -- by Bacchus

Sucking Rain DeGrey’s Dick At

The first time you heard a woman say “suck my dick” you probably assumed it was a figure of speech. Which it probably was. But if you ever hear Rain DeGrey say it, don’t be so quick to assume:

Mrs Wellington enslaved and forced to suck Rain's cock

Mrs Wellington is forced to suck a dildo

rain degrey forces Mrs wellington to suck her strap-on dick

mrs welling deep-throating rain degrey dick

Photos are from the most recent update at

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January 26th, 2014 -- by Bacchus

Rain DeGrey On Vomit Play

If your eyebrows went up when I posted about Rain DeGrey’s comfortable relationship with vomit, you’d best be prepared for them to migrate northward once again. Because she’s back with another blog post in which she explicitly explains why she likes making people barf:

I don’t have a puke fetish. Puke is nasty and messy and you have to stop everything to clean it up.

I have a control fetish. The concept of controlling someone so utterly that you literally control their bodily functions makes me hot. The thought of so completely owning the back of someone’s throat that you can make them vomit, whether they want to or not? Well, that works for me on so many levels it isn’t even funny. Forcing someone to vomit is like making them squirt from their throat. In my book.

There are also practical tips for playing with puke. Yup. Check ’em out if you need ’em.

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June 28th, 2013 -- by Bacchus

Rain DeGrey On Blowjobs And Effort

I woke up this morning to find an amusing exchange about blowjobs in my Twitter feed. It all started with Rain DeGrey, a skilled professional who is on the record about having a relaxed relationship with vomit:

So, I am sure, would we all.

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August 10th, 2012 -- by Bacchus

Hunting Rain DeGrey

It’s funny how these little cultural/mimetic loops can thrash about for years before eventually reifying themselves. Remember Hunting For Bambi — the great “pay to hunt women with paint guns” breathless internet scandal of 2003 that I reminisced about a few months ago? That turned out to be real (as in, there was a porn made on that theme) but fake (there apparently weren’t any paying customers to do the hunting) and maybe-fake (it’s unclear if anybody actually ran naked through the woods getting shot at with paint guns, ouch).

Time marches on. Culture marches on. Memes breed and migrate and breed some more. The guys who used to do the once-notorious bondage sex site are still out there. And so a decade passes until we get this, in connection with what is, I’m guessing from other hints in the twitter feed, a shoot for BDSM porn site Hard Tied:

Cultural/memetic progression doesn’t happen in a vacuum, of course. Notice in the final tweet the reference to the credit card processors? Even your porn is subject to the influence of the ogliarchic mega-banking corporations.

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February 28th, 2023 -- by Bacchus

We Live Like Gods

In a recent column, advice columnist and kink/sex educator Rain DeGrey addresses a reader’s worried impression that people are coming to prefer porn and self-pleasure over “actual physical sex”. Rain thinks it may be true, but if so it’s far from worrisome:

If some people decide that hopping online and summoning up porn in any style, any shape, any hair color, any variety without even popping a breath mint first is easier than meeting up with an actual human, well, who can blame them? We live like Greek Gods and are spoiled for choice.

Yes, indeed.

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December 29th, 2018 -- by Bacchus

Share Our Shit Saturday 20 #SoSS

share our shit saturday soss

So what kind of good shit have my fellow bloggers been publishing since the last time I did a Share Our Shit Saturdays post? It’s my last chance in 2018 to round it all up:

  1. My good friend Dr. Faustus has been busy with his publishing empire. Since my last #SoSS post, he’s wrapped up all six chapters of The Adventures of Ashley Madder (part of the Tales of Gnosis College) and posted them to the Internet Archive. The Tales of Gnosis College are now moving on into Volume 13, Fruiting Bodies as written by Vinnie Tesla. There’s a new “sort-of sequel” to Bubbles called “More Bubbles” by Rafael Suzarte, in English or Portugese. Then there’s “Wheel of Misfortune” by Dark Vanessa, in English and Spanish. Faustus’s comic “Bait” has been reissued in various formats; there are the original long/HTML pages, a slider/carousel view, and zips at the Internet Archive. Moreover, “Bait” has now been translated into French (“Appât” — HTML / slider / Archive) and Spanish (“Carnada” — HTML / slider / Archive) and Italian (“Esca” — HTML / slider / Archive) and Portuguese (“A Isca” — HTML / slider / Archive. Future versions are projected for German, Russian, Japanese, Chinese (simplified), Korean, and Hindi, with hopes for Bahasa Indonesian and maybe even Esperanto. When Dr. Faustus gets rolling, he doesn’t stop! And just to round out the fun, four pieces of bespoke artwork, by artists Rafael Suzerte, Lucy Fidelis, Dark Vanessa, and Aleksandra Marchocka. Phew, that’s a lot, Brother Faustus!
  2. The Rialto Report has issued another set of otherwise inaccessible porn-history magazine scans. This batch is all the issues from 1980 and 1981 of the magazine called… well, it’s complicated: “The east-coast magazine Porn Stars first appeared in mid 1980. It only lasted for four issues before undergoing a name change and becoming Skin Flicks. Skin Flicks was even more short-lived and lasted only two months before it was renamed Starlet. Starlet lasted for four issues, before reverting to the magazine’s original name, Porn Stars, once again.” They sort this sort of curatorial mess out, once, so that nobody like me ever has to worry or wonder about it ever again!
  3. Paltego at Femdom Resource was “flipping rapidly through his Twitter” the other day when he “noticed a domme pitching her ‘selectively crafted artisinal pee'”. It seems he was prepared to mock this as a marketing overreach — and well he might! — but discovered it was a false alarm caused by reading too fast. As you were, torches down people.
  4. Susie Bright’s blog sadly sees little activity these days but she has a gig producing audiobooks for Audible as their Editor at Large. I’m linking to her Top 10 Audiobooks I Produced This Year because of one title described thereon: A Day In The Life Of Marlon Bundo, featuring Vice President Pence’s gay pet bunny. Royalties go to good causes that will piss off annoying people.
  5. STD testing is one of those sensible and virtuous best-practices that everyone always advises without pausing to consider the practicalities. It’s easy to breeze “Get tested, be safe!” but for a lot of people there are barriers. Money is an obvious one for which there aren’t easy answers, but even if you have money or insurance that will cover, there are often surprising obstacles, like doctors who will argue with you, not give you all the tests you need, or engage in sex-negative shaming and gatekeeping behavior that makes it all exquisitely humiliating if not outright impossible. In this post, Rain DeGrey positively reviews an STD testing service that sidesteps most of those problems by letting you go to a blood lab near you and then sending your test results by mail. It won’t solve everybody’s problems, but it’s an approach I hadn’t considered and it sure sounds less daunting than having “that conversation” with your regular provider when they aren’t up to speed on the necessary issues!

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May 5th, 2018 -- by Bacchus

Share Our Shit Saturday 15 #SoSS

Sometimes my most compelling motivation to put up a Share Our Shit Saturday post is the amazing stuff my friend Dr. Faustus publishes with such regularity, so this week I’m going to start with him:

  1. Faustus’s Rosetta Stone of a free mad science comic Bubbles is now available in Japanese and in Arabic. I doubt the Japanese will bat an eyelash, but if it doesn’t tweak the beards of some self-appointed guardians of Arab culture and morality somewhere, it will disappoint me. (Plus the first 20 pages of The Adventures of Ashley Madder — being the latest book in the long-running Tales of Gnosis College free comic book series — are now available for reading at this link.)
  2. Girl On The Net squirted for the first time, and just possibly may have added a tip to the sexual literature on how that can be accomplished, for folks who find it tricky or elusive.
  3. In Rain DeGrey’s latest advice column, she fields several questions about orgasms from a perspective of plenty — whether there can be too many, how to handle squirting anxiety, and what a fellow can do with his “tease and deny” fantasy when his wife enjoys the ability to orgasm easily and effortlessly.

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