I have — this will not be news — a perverse bent, so I laughed when I saw the product title “Anal Swizzle Sticks“. When I saw the admonition in the product description “just don’t leave these lying around the wet bar when your in-laws visit” my mind immediately began to work on drink recipes:

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They are cheap enough to use for pranks (chilling them in a bowl of ice water and then using them as intended might be a good prank, though if I were you I’d make sure your exit lanes were clear first, or use handcuffs) but they are almost ten inches long, so for tacky drinks, you’d need to start with a cartoonishly large glass.

I’m pretty sure that before we finished taking this mixology thought experiment to its fullest and tackiest conclusion, we’d have something called a “Hershey Squirt” and it would have candy corn floating in it. So, on second thought, I’ll stop right here.

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