Well, this looks like fun! Andrea (Curious Cat) on Twitter has announced the release of The Amazing Sex Scene Rewrite, described as “an edularp about TV show writers rewriting a sex scene script by negotiating what elements should be part of it.” It’s available for download on Itch.io:

the amazing sex scene rewrite edularp

Unfortunately, Itch.io has placed this edularp behind one of those future-unfriendly “You must be 18+ to view this content” checkbox click-throughs, an effect of which is to entirely prevent the item from being archived by the Wayback Machine. So if you’re interested in this, download it now, while you still can. When the Itch.io link inevitably breaks, as all links eventually do, it will be gone for good. (See also: every adult-content Blogspot/Blogger post since 2015.)

Do I have an entire bellyful of snarky and sarcastic opinions about whether we ought to want to teach “communicating about sex and desire” to people somewhat in advance of them being released into the wild as legal adults? Why yes, thank you for asking, as it happens I do! But we live in the world as it is, and nothing about that is the fault of these edularp/game creators.

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