It’s been three months since the last “Best of ErosBlog” installment. That was 2004; previously we saw 2003 and 2002. At this rate I might get one or two more done before the genuine 10 year anniversary in October.

2005 went down like this:

  • We encountered sexual multitasking of a particularly impressive kind, in the form of a gentlemen who could simultaneously bone his woman and peel his figging ginger: Peeling Root Vegetables During Sex
  • Pac Man’s endless ghost chase got re-imagined as a rough sort of seduction: Pac Man On Viagra
  • I reluctantly had to abandon my status as the last man in America who thought Halle Berry’s Catwoman movie wasn’t so bad: Halle Berry, Screw You Too
  • We found an anecdote about the time Catherine McKinnon picked the wrong audience to talk to about the alleged horrors of deep throating: Putting Catherine McKinnon in Her Place
  • The vocabulary of privilege was not so mainstream back in 2005, or I would have termed this an example of unselfconscious female privilege: The World Is Different For Men And Women
  • I’m going to slide this in here just because it’s the first time (only time?) I ever had occasion to mention my sister on ErosBlog. Also, nice mental image of Penelope Cruz, duct tape: Marriage: The Shit Changes
  • This might still be my all-time favorite vintage oral sex picture: Oral Sex For The Happy Woman
  • I got to thinking just a little bit too hard about the making of a visually-arresting bondage photo: Astonishing Bondage Photo
  • Making light of alternative-religion sexual practices is generally not something I’d put in my “Best of” category; I do the “ha ha loonies” sometimes, but I’m not sure it’s ever as funny as it seems at the time. Nonetheless, I stand behind this post title as worthy: The Holy Handkerchief of Cum-Saving
  • It is always dangerous to let other people caption your art: Here Comes Johnny With His Pecker In His Hand
  • Was it really only seven years ago that Dan Savage had to lay down the law about oral sex? Sometimes I forget just how fast this culture is moving! Oral Sex Is Standard Equipment
  • Sometimes just finding a thing is the sex blogging victory. Example: this account of anal sex with a coughing wife: Whooping Cough Sex
  • Speaking of how fast the culture has moved: it was also just seven years ago that a website by an American porn producer that mixed actual bondage and actual sex was a surprising, nearly-unprecedented thing: Sex And Submission
  • A rare childhood reminiscence from me, in which I recollect having to explain dildos to a grown-up: “What’s A Dildo?”
  • Of all the things I’ve written on ErosBlog over the years, this disquisition on the ethics of being a porn consumer is perhaps my second-favorite: Evil Porn Werewolf Enslavers Debunked
  • I argued against the wearing of clothes in bed. It got a LOT of comments: Lame Reasons For Wearing Clothes In Bed
  • A very vivid image: Four Lips, Two Cherries
  • The dirtiest picture I’ve ever published on ErosBlog, I think: Dirty Picture
  • The comment thread on this post was where I first found out just how many people are scared of the idea of female ejaculation and would like to pretend it’s not a thing: Diary of A Squirter
  • A post about why so many internet comments about erotic photography are body-negative and body-critical: Crapping All Over Beauty

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