For as long as I’ve had smart mobile phone, I’ve found that actually using just about any website is quite practical, even if I have to do a lot of pinching and swiping to zoom in on stuff. But navigating and searching? That’s a pain. I can thumb-type URLs and search terms, but it’s slow, and it adds friction, and it’s not as easy to scan search results en mass for the things I’m looking for. The result is, I have come to value and use various portal sites in a way that I never used to since the pre-Google days. A short list of useful links in a mobile-friendly format (one column, no sidebars, large print) is the sort of thing I’ll actually “bookmark” and put on one of my home screens as an icon for future use.

In that spirit, let me share this one. It is Kink Sites, and it’s just a mobile-device-friendly launchpad to the mobile version of (as near as I can tell) every website published by

If you’re like me and slow to learn all the nifty features of your iPhone, I can tell you that you can put an icon for this site on your active iPhone screen by hitting that little “arrow escaping from the screen” forwarding icon that’s bottom-center, and then selecting “Add to Home Screen” from the list of options that pops up. If you’ve got the ErosBlog iPhone wallpaper already, it will look something like this:

kink sites icon on your iPhone home scrreen

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