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I may have missed a couple of Saturdays in a row but that’s just all the more reason to slide in another Share Our Shit Saturday post, isn’t it?

  1. For the last two months my venerable blogfriend BJ has been posting photos of bearded men from his inexhaustible collection of vintage gay porn. He was up to “beard058” by the time he posted this shot, which also typifies the reason that the phrase “assless chaps” gained the popularity it enjoys. (Not to mention the power it has to make linguistic pedants tear their dull and lifeless hair out in great double-fisted clumps.)
  2. The Rialto Report has reproduced for posterity the rare-as-hen’s-teeth first year’s run of Adult Video News issues from 1983/1984.
  3. It has become traditional to include the monthly BDSM link roundup from The History of BDSM in whichever of these #SOSS posts follows it. The roundup never disappoints.
  4. Finally and as usual, my good friend Dr. Faustus has been busy! Publication is complete on the first whole chapter of The Adventures of Ashley Madder (a Tales of Gnosis College comic and tribute to the Adventures of Phoebe Zeit-Geist). What’s more, there are three new pieces of commissioned supplementary art for the previously-published graphic novella Bait. And finally, for those of strong stomach, at Infernal Wonders there are two exercises in recovering deeply-lost fringe artists from the depths of the Internet Archive. Content on these is likely to squick most readers, but the demonstration of methods for retrieval of very old and very lost web content may have interest beyond the content itself: Atomica, Hekonix. And last but not least, Bubbles is now available in Tagalog!

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