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March 2nd, 2020 -- by Bacchus

Endless Magic Wand Orgasms

This forced orgasm .gif featuring endless Magic Wand orgasms is said to be from a Koooonsoft “erotic side-scrolling action game” called Shinobi Girl:

white lab coat lesbian mad scientist administers forced bondage orgasms

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July 11th, 2015 -- by Bacchus

How To Spot A Fake Magic Wand

What kind of soulless scum sells a fake vibrator? According to self-described pleasure advocate Sunny Megatron, such scum we have in plenty. Sunny estimates that “over 95% of the Magic Wands sold on Amazon and eBay are straight up fakes”. She’s talking about the Magic Wand Original vibrator (the one that used to be called the “Hitachi Magic Wand” before Hitachi got all sex-squeamish) and she reports that the internals of the fake knockoffs range from disappointing in the pleasure department (perhaps lacking that distinctive American-motorcycle gut-shaking rumble) all the way to downright dangerous, with reports having reached her ears of fake wands that melted, shorted out, or even caught fire.

Fortunately, Sunny’s article offers five sure-fire ways to distinguish a genuine Magic Wand from the false article. Go, read, become enlightened.


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February 23rd, 2015 -- by Bacchus

She’d Rather Be Riding Her Magic Wand

Over the years I’ve assembled a nice little collection here at ErosBlog of testimonials to the erotic joys of the Hitachi Magic Wand. (New in 2013: now with less Hitachi in it!) The latest of these is an artwork by Amanda Manitach from her Tee Shirt Girls collection:


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May 16th, 2014 -- by Bacchus

Magic Wand Fan Art

You know that a vibrator is a classic when it inspires fan art:


This Hitchi Magic Wand fan art (well, I guess it’s actually just “Magic Wand Original” fan art now) is quite seriously all over Twitter; it’s got about fifteen thousand likes and reblogs.

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May 8th, 2010 -- by Bacchus

Another Hitachi Magic Wand Fan

When people ask (and they do, which is bizarre, but there it is) for vibrator advice, I always mention the Hitachi Magic Wand because it seems to have so many raving female fans. I just found another one:

The hitachi is my very most favorite sex toy, bar none. I broke three rabbits, bought other cute and buzzy things. I always thought that the hitachi was for grandmas. And then…I saw it in enough vids (seriously) that I became obsessed with knowing if it was really that good.

For Valentine’s day this year, I bought myself a hitachi. I then proceeded to come 18 times in one session (maybe 20-30 minutes long) and 19 times in 10 minutes the following day. I’m sort of inclined to multiples (not every woman is, and there’s nothing wrong with that) but HOLY GOD.

In short: Yes, I think the hitachi is THAT GOOD.

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April 22nd, 2013 -- by Bacchus

Hitachi Didn’t Feel The Magic (Wand)

Hitachi Magic WandThere were tweets flying in the sexy-blogging community last week about Hitachi taking steps to distance itself from its famous Hitachi Magic Wand “personal massager” product, widely and justly famous as a very powerful (because it’s got a power cord that plugs into the wall, and a large motor) sexual vibrator. (It’s the one with the large bulbous head that you see in all the “forced orgasm” BDSM porn, like the porn I linked to here.)

But it wasn’t clear from the tweets exactly what had gone down. Did Hitachi stop making the vibrator for commercial reasons and sell off the “Magic Wand” brand and design IP? Or did they just take “Hitachi” off the package because they were skeeved by the sexual success of their “massager”? Nothing was clear.

This article by Laura Anne Stuart For Express Milwaukee goes a long way toward clarifying the situation. In The Rebirth of the Magic Wand, we learn that:

[The Magic Wand’s] inventor and manufacturer has been growing increasingly uncomfortable with the Magic Wand’s reputation as a sex toy. Hitachi, a Japanese company, also makes and many other products, and it doesn’t want its brand name to be primarily associated with orgasms. Like that famous scene from Sex and the City where Samantha pays a visit to Sharper Image, the company insists in vain, “It’s not a vibrator–it’s a neck massager!”

The Magic Wand is distributed in the United States by Vibratex… According to the Vibratex rep at ILS, Hitachi had decided to stop manufacturing the Magic Wand altogether. Vibratex, sensing the wailing, gnashing of teeth and possible rioting that would ensue if this came to pass, convinced the company to keep producing it, but remove the Hitachi name from the product. In June, the Hitachi Magic Wand will be re-launched as the Original Magic Wand, with new packaging and a slightly different design.

The rest of the article has some interesting information about the sexual history of the Hitachi Magic Wand, along with user-impressions of the minor design changes (basically: minor improvements).

As Laura Ann Stewart points out, sex-shop customers currently ask for “the Hitachi” and not the “Magic Wand” when they are shopping for a powerful vibrator. I know Hitachi is a huge industrial company, but it doesn’t have any other product brand associations for me; say “Hitachi” to me and I think “Magic Wand”. I’m fascinated by the brand management calculus under which that’s a bad thing to be rooted out, rather than a seedling to be nurtured and grown.

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September 30th, 2022 -- by Bacchus

Sex Toy, 1952

What did a heavy-duty electric vibrator look like in 1952? Here, I’ll show you:

heavy electric massager vintage sex toy of the 1950s

Don’t try and tell me this wasn’t being marketed for its unlimited orgasmic potential. Just look at that first line of the copy: “Like a magic wand, the spot reducer obeys your every wish…”

From a full page ad in the August 1952 issue of West magazine.

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