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March 13th, 2013 -- by Bacchus

“Training” Penny Pax

It’s a frequent trope of lazy pornographers to speak of someone being “trained” to enjoy a sexual practice. Sometimes this might be something rough and BDSM-y, but often it’s just anal or even oral sex, which as we all know, a great many people manage to enjoy without any “training” whatsoever. Although I have been known to go along with the trope (because I, too, can be lazy) I try to avoid buying into it too much, because it bothers me a bit. What I don’t like is the implication that people (usually women, in the porn I look at) inherently don’t or won’t enjoy these things, and it’s only the man and his training tools (typically, a whip or a paddle or an inhumanly large and energetic cock) that convert her into a happy sexual being.

Which is why I laughed at a Twitter exchange I saw not so long ago. Some twitterer with porn to sell offered up this unexceptional line of porn selling prose:

Penny Pax anal babe is bdsm trained to take thick cock in her ass for our pleasure http:[link] @Penny_Pax #bdsm #training #anal

I never would have known about this except that some Penny Pax fan partially retweeted it with an editorial comment that made me laugh. The fan-tweet must also have amused Penny herself, since she then retweeted the retweet into my timeline:

@Penny_Pax “…is bdsm trained to take thick cock in her ass for our pleasure” Ha. That’s like “training” gravity to pull things to earth. ;-)

It says something about men (or at least, about male pornographers) that we’re often more comfortable with the narrative of a woman “trained” to like our kinky shit than we are with the narrative of a woman who’s as eager for it as we are.

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February 23rd, 2013 -- by Bacchus

Penny Pax on Shooting At

Here’s Penny Pax in an interview, talking about the shooting experience:

You are a regular on Kink. How does it feel to work there?

It’s always a positive experience and a learning one too! I absolutely love shooting with them. Everyone on staff from the editors to the security, each are friendly and always there to help. It’s totally a teaching company to work for and I’m grateful that they continue to have me back.

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September 29th, 2014 -- by Bacchus

Her Priestly Fantasy

In the latest update from Sex And Submission, our heroine Penny Pax vividly imagines herself as an adulteress being punished by a rather unorthodox priest:





The crucifix stocks are a nicely transgressive touch. I’d imagine you wouldn’t find those in a real church, but it’s just the sort of thing you could imagine an out-of-control kinky priest having installed, if he’s in the habit of awarding (and inflicting!) harsh penance to his parishoners.

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December 21st, 2012 -- by Bacchus

A Blowjob At His Desk

Penny Pax in a rope bondage harness kneeling to give a man a blowjob

So I’ve been rummaging around in the paid area at Sexually Broken, and … no, wait.

I’ve got some rambling to do. But, as I ramble, I’m going to keep dropping pretty pictures of this dude who is “slaving away” (ha!) at his desk while getting a bondage blowjob from Penny Pax:

Penny Pax kneeling in bondage with her face in a dude

So, Sexually Broken. Let me just be right up front here and say that I really strongly dislike the name of this porn site. For me “broken” means something like “irreparably damaged” (not sexy to me) or it means something like “forcibly tamed” (think unruly wild horses) which doesn’t map very well in my personal fantasy-space to any BDSM fantasies that could rescue it from being too creepy when applied to, you know, actual human women with the capacity to consent (or not).

Penny Pax on her knees in a bondage deep throating pose

So, that’s the name. The actual content, though, I like rather a lot better. It’s a rough-sex sort of approach that uses bondage to facilitate the fucking, with a lot of black-diamond-difficulty deep throating, athletic high-energy sweat-and-drool-and-cum squishy-messy sex, and “forced” orgasms facilitated by big powerful vibrators and bondage helplessness. It’s sex you watch for the sheer spectacle of the thing, more than sex you (meaning “middle-aged, moderately-kinky, very lazy persons like me”) actually are likely to engage in. The high energy on display reminds me a bit of the porn style they used to call “gonzo”, but in the bit of rummaging about the site that I’ve done so far, I haven’t spotted any of the hateful elements (the contemptuous spitting and slapping, the pointless verbal abuse) that always ruined gonzo porn for me. What’s more, some of the Sexually Broken movies contain enough pre-and-post-action interviews to make it clear (as gonzo porn rarely did) that the models are happy to be there and comfortable with the menu of shoot activities. The bondage, too, is kind of refreshing in its single-minded focus; there’s less of (not none, but less of) the whippings and canings and floggings, and a lot more of the “in these ropes you’ll be helpless to avoid being ridiculous amounts of pleasure inflicted on you” sexual purpose that BDSM-y fetish porn too-frequently lacks.

Penny Pax on her knees in bondage and preparing to service a man at his desk

So, what does any of that have to do with brokenness? I dunno, I’m still not seeing it. But Sexually Broken has an “About” page that takes a whack at it, and if the name doesn’t make sense to me, the least I can do is let them take their own shot at explaining to the rest of you what they mean by it:

Matt Williams takes wanton beauties, ties them in breath taking positions, and systematically blows their minds sexually.

The girls are bound helplessly in predicaments they have never explored before. Weights are hung from their nipples and their tongues are forced out of their mouth. Matt Williams slides his massive hard cock down their throats till they can’t breath. He only lets them breath when he’s ready and then he begins pounding the backs of their throats. That’s not where it ends though. Matt continues to fuck them in each of their holes. He uses toys to take them to heights they’ve never been to before. In the end he leaves them Sexually Broken.

Updated three times weekly with full HD content, Sexually Broken is the place to find truly original hardcore sex.

For me, the pretty pictures don’t stop being pretty just because I can’t quite parse somebody’s porn site naming/marketing decision:

Penny Pax after a hardcore bondage blowjob with cum and drool on her chin

And I suppose it’s time to confess: I don’t really ever get tired of seeing Penny Pax on my computer screen. I’m a sucker for porn blondes with pretty eyes, what can I say?

Penny Pax post-blowjob looking at the camera with her big pretty blue eyes

But seriously, does this woman look sexually broken to you? Frankly I don’t even think she looks dented — to me she’s got that “really, mister, that foreplay was nice and all and I could use a breather, but I’m far from done here — what else you got?” look in her eyes:

Penny Pax gives us her sad-puppy face as she waits for some more hard core bondage fucking

I suppose I should explain that the “blowjob under the desk” scene we’ve been looking at comes from the November 19 update at Sexually Broken, where the update title is “Apartment 345: A Feature Presentation of Real Life Fantasies From Your Favorite Porn Stars!” It’s a real 45-minute porn movie (not just the more-common “a girl, a guy, a set, a rough bondage sex scene”) framed as Penny’s real fantasies, acted out for your viewing pleasure. And the plot is: she comes home horny, she rides in the elevator with some menacing men who get her erotic imagination going, she imagines one of them pushing into her apartment behind her and making her his abject sex slave for the next eight hours. There are at least five major bondage sex scenes (depending on how you count) of which the one we’ve been viewing so far is perhaps the third. In the last one, she actually gets a little bedraggled looking:

Penny Pax is still prettier than a drowned rat even when she

But that’s because (as the Sexually Broken sales copy puts it) “he fucks her from behind while dunking her head underwater in the bathtub. She cums so hard…” Which makes (as you can imagine) a pretty edgy and intense bondage sex scene. Closed track, professional driver, et cetera.

After all of which she no doubt actually wanted and needed a bath, and the hot water was right there, right? You’ve got to love intense porn that shows you a bit of the self-care “after”:

Penny Pax taking a hot bath after her bondage sex shoot, smiling and showing off her rope marks

But: “broken”? No. Just no. She’s not broken. And for me that’s a good thing.

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October 2nd, 2012 -- by Bacchus

It Doesn’t Take A Rocket Scientist…

…but if you had one, he could help!

Too much erotic mad science and a guy starts seeing it everywhere … and noting the lack of it when it’s not present where it ought to be. Take, for instance, the pornographers responsible for Sexually Broken, a new-ish site (elevator pitch: more kinky sex, less BDSM-pain, bondage “yes please!” but not quite so heavy-metal over-the-top) from the producers of the legendary/notorious

pretty girl in a rope harness

So, when they aren’t tying up girls and fucking ’em (that reminds me of the one that starts “The corpulent mayor of Buckingham…”) they are writing sales copy:

Ariel X, Destiny Jaymes and Penny Pax came to visit us this week. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out what they want. They are young, hot, and their sex drives are out of control. We have just what they need, too…

Well, sure. But wouldn’t your enterprise be improved if you had one of those newfangled machines that can watch people while they sleep and pull images out of their dreams? Maybe you guys DO need a scientist or two!

On the other hand, they seem to be having plenty o’ fun, even if it’s shockingly unscientific:

taking down the panties of the girl in rope bondage

Pictures are from here.

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