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August 22nd, 2016 -- by Bacchus

Sex Books At The Stockroom

bookworm upskirt

In the age of Amazon the Stockroom is rarely anyone’s first thought when dirty books — porn magazines, coffee table fetish art books, sexual how-to manuals — come to mind. But if like me you are conflicted about buying your sex books on Amazon — because they’ll sell you almost anything but they’re utter shit to adult authors and to any Amazon affiliate who has the temerity to put an Amazon link on a dirty web page — then it makes sense to do your adult book business at the same adult-friendly place you buy your kinky sex toys. The Stockroom has an excellent selection of adult reading material and an impeccable reputation as a retailer. What’s not to like?

Currently on my mental wishlist, because I am an eternal sucker for a big thick book of glossy fetish photos: Latex Fashion Photography from Goliath.

latex fashion photography

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January 23rd, 2014 -- by Bacchus

Valentine’s Day Gifts From The Stockroom

Valentine's day sale at The Stockroom

As y’all know, I’m a big fan of the seasonal sales from The Stockroom, because I’ve been a happy customer for more than 15 years and because they usually have really steep discounts during their big sales. My “problem” is that even though they sell sex toys of all kinds, their first love and greatest strength is BDSM gear. And that’s awesome, but even in 2014 it’s still a niche, and I always worry that highlighting too many kinky bargains will be off-putting to the substantial portion of my audience who doesn’t give two hoots for BDSM.

So my Valentines Day resolution this year is to post about the Valentine’s Day Sale at The Stockroom without mentioning a single one of their BDSM offerings. Is this limiting? Yes! But for you, I do these things. I believe I can manage by focusing on painless, unconstricting items that couples can use to have fun together. Let’s get started, shall we?

First of all, what is the greatest romantic holiday of the year without roses? But real roses are expensive and (if you source them the traditional flower-shop way) something of an environmental nightmare. And then, a few days later, they’re trash (or at best, compost). Feather roses are more fun (tickle party time!) and last much longer:

feather roses

Another great couples gift is a sexy craft project that you can make together and use together. The Clone-A-Willy kit for making a dildo in his precise likeness has gotten a lot of press for this reason; you can have fun making it together and then play with it together or separately. Is she the type to steal your old sports shirts to sleep in when you’re not there? Perhaps she’ll enjoy a more personal memento!

For many of us, though, this is a holiday about chocolate. Don’t worry, we’ve got that covered! Indeed, why not get the make-it-out-of-chocolate version of the Clone-A-Willy kit?

kit for making a chocolate replica of your penis

But this is 2014, and what used to be sauce exclusively for the gander is now also available as sauce for the goose. Get those replica willies out of your mind for a moment. Did you know there was a Clone-A-Pussy Molding kit now available? (Sadly, apparently not in chocolate.)

vulva replica kit

This could be fun to use, but you’ll need to take care that you don’t give off any sort of creepy trophy-hunter vibe when it’s time to persuade the proprietor of your favorite pussy to participate in your proposed craft project. I can’t say I’m sanguine that the Stockroom sales copy totally avoids that pitfall:

This fun and easy do-it-yourself kit includes everything you’ll need to make an incredibly detailed, life-size rubber copy of the outer portion of any vagina from your own home. Use the mold over and over again and create your own treasured collection of life-like vaginas. Please note: Your new pussy replica is a shallow likeness, without a hole, and not designed for …ahem…. insertion. Think of it as a naughty homage, as opposed to a working masturbation device.

Moving rapidly onward, as perhaps we ought, there’s a very real chance that a person might much prefer to explore his or her favorite pussy in the most exquisite detail, rather than making a non-functional partial copy out of rubber. If you suspect your lover of feeling that way about your own pussy, perhaps you might surprise them with a handy inspection tool in festive holiday pink?

pink speculum

For the more timorous among you, it’s worth pointing out that sexual how-to books and DVDs are among the safest, most non-threatening sexy gifts you can give. Your partner can process the gift on his or her own time, a sex book or video can be the topic of later open-ended discussion, and in the end, it can be a great way to bring new sexual material into your relationship. There are several awesome titles in this year’s sale that you may want to consider:

Remember, if you order more than $149 worth of merchandise, your shipping is free. The last date to order from the Valentine’s Sale and still get the free shipping is January 31st, so don’t procrastinate too long!

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December 4th, 2013 -- by Bacchus

Merry Sexmas 2013 From The Stockroom

sexmas sale

We’re barreling down the home stretch to Christmas 2013, so you should now pay heed to The Stockroom’s annual Sexmas sale. When searching for sex toys that look great coming out of a stocking, I always recommend art glass. This year, maybe something in an anatomically-correct Helmet Head butt plug?

art glass buttplugs

These are like movie-theater popcorn buckets; they come in large, extra-large, 2x, and 3x sizes. Don’t let your eyes get bigger than your bottom!

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December 14th, 2008 -- by Bacchus

Santa Shops At The Stockroom

It’s true! True at my house, anyway. It’s been several years at least since the last time there wasn’t something from The Stockroom under our tree.

I try hard not to junk up this blog with commercial messages, but when holiday deadlines loom, the lightning-fast service at The Stockroom is too good to pass up. I suspect their shipping department of being telepathic, or even precognitive; stuff doesn’t literally arrive before I’ve ordered it, but sometimes it feels that way.

First things first: Their Sexmas Sale is on now.

Coal and Switches: For lumps of coal, you’re on your own. But if she (or he) has been naughty, and it’s too much trouble to go out and cut some switches, how about letting them find the festive red handle of this short red riding crop sticking out of their Christmas morning stocking?

short red riding crop

Get a Grip: In extreme cases, where naughtiness is not yet accompanied by contrition, you may find that you also need the matching red leather leash and collar:

red leather leash and collar on a pretty blonde

Christmas Crackdown: Unfortunately, the leather riding crop may prove too gentle (and fun!) to deal with the sort of serious Christmas trouble you’ve got. If it’s just not stern enough to meet your needs, there’s a more severe, but still festive, alternative: the candy-red silicone Lolly Crop ought to fix you right up.

Exeunt: My work here is done. Ho ho ho!

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November 11th, 2017 -- by Bacchus

Share Our Shit Saturday! #SoSS

The time has come for another Share Our Shit Saturday:

  1. Very practical and useful advice from Miss Jezzebella: How I Learnt To Orgasm Every Time During Sex With A Man
  2. This post about kinky keychains spoke to me — I’ve had a leather paddle-shaped key fob on my key chains for about twenty years. Near as I can tell, no one has ever noticed. I ordered it from — can I remember? — The Stockroom, maybe, or perhaps it was Good Vibrations, or maybe Blowfish. One of the pioneers, back in the Nineties, when paper catalogs where still a thing. The edge stitching has held up, but if the miniature leather paddle was ever embossed with a logo — which my memory suggests it may have been — that’s long gone.
  3. We can all use a little sexting help, so here are Three Major Tips For Sexting from A Couple Of Kinks.
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November 9th, 2017 -- by Bacchus

Face-Hugging Leather Blindfold

A very long time ago I posted about some leather sheets in The Stockroom’s online catalog, more because my imagination was captured by the sensuous possibilities than because I imagined that anybody would buy the rather-expensive bedding via my links. (So far as I know, nobody ever did.) I wrote:

Just the feel would be sensuous enough. But as you and yours get all hot and sweaty and those sheets start to moisten and warm up, the room would fill with that lovely leather smell, and it would get all over the both of you, too. You’d be buried in the scent of leather.

But maybe you can’t afford to wrap your whole bed in leather, or you find the maintenance daunting. Perhaps it would be sufficient to wrap your face? If so, the Folded Leather Blindfold may be for you:

contoured molded face-hugging heavy leather blindfold

Before I had any BDSM experience, I always thought a blindfold was primarily to alter the experience of the submissive: to limit one of their senses, make it easier to surprise them with a new sensation, heighten their suspense, stuff like that. Something I had to learn for myself is that it can be as much a tool for the comfort of the dominant. In a play session, especially at first, there can be a surprising amount of performance anxiety, the sense that the other party is watching and judging or even laughing behind the gag as you fumble with your ropes or smack yourself with the wrong end of the flogger. A good blindfold makes all that go away. Well, in truth, a bad blindfold probably does too, but a good one is more fun for everybody! Here’s the sales copy on this one:

A handmade blindfold that offers complete darkness, but fashionable like a masquerade piece. The tough vegetable tanned leather is molded and smoothed for a contoured fit, then lined in a velvety suede that gives luxurious comfort while further blocking the light. More than just a pretty piece, the shaping also allows for reduced pressure on the eyes and temples. The two natural suede straps meet in the back for an easy tie. No more fumbling with a sash or a piece of flat leather that builds pressure throughout the scene.

This leather blindfold is made for long wear, so much that it will continue to form with use. Every time you wear it, it will yield a little more to your specific contours and hold that shape in anticipation for the next time.

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October 10th, 2017 -- by Bacchus

A Texture For Every Fingering

fingerfuck gloves from Oxball

This new product in the Stockroom’s catalog looks like a lot of fun for everybody involved! It’s called the Finger-Fuck Glove, it comes in two colors (more detailed photo here), and it looks like a great way to enhance an activity that you were probably already going to be doing.

Introducing a whole new way to explore with your hands: the Finger-Fuck Glove by OXBALLS is a soft, super-rubbery glove designed to transform your hand into the ultimate hole-explorer. Each digit is tipped with a different shape and texture for a new sensation with every finger you employ: one, two, or the whole hand. Tickle them deep from the inside and watch them squirm, groan, and utterly lose control. Or slather Finger-Fuck in lube; you’ve never had a handjob like this!

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