I don’t usually post nude celebrity pictures on ErosBlog, because there are so many photoshops and fakes, and because I don’t have a good eye for celebrities anyway. I don’t usually recognize even my favorite actors in a new show until I hear their voices. On top of that, I’ve got a readership that would argue at length whether the person in a random tourist snapshot is a man or a woman, based on no better evidence than the shape of a jawline. I can only imagine how many comments this post will accumulate from folks eager to share their opinion on the is-it-or-isn’t-it question. (Hint: Zero would be just fine. Nobody is conducting an opinion poll here.)

Anyway, The Nymph says it looks like Tony to her. And that’s good enough for me:

[This photo was removed in response to a request from Mr. Danza’s attorneys. The salient points in their letter are 1) that the photo is fake, and 2) that it “has caused and continues to cause him distress.” For which, my apologies.]

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