back to school bondage and spanking toys sale

I am mostly sharing this Stockroom sale because of the, ah, cheek it requires in our prudish society to offer a BDSM-labeled sex toys sale offering as part of the back-to-school retail season. And the Stockroom is doing it right, too, with a lot of high-quality restraints and impact toys from the inexpensive end of their range, discounted up to 50% now through September 5.

From the sale description:

It’s back to school time — will you be a good student or a bad student this year?

Whether you’re the stern teacher or the sassy student, we have your next classroom scene covered. Now through Sept 5, save up to 50% on over 70 items, including select bondage kits, BDSM gear, impact toys, gags, muzzles, and more!

Now get back to your desk — class is in session!

I do not think I recognize “school” as the Stockroom people know it…

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